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Enforcement Division.

Mary M. Yoklavich: For innovative research to characterize essential habitat for west coast rockfishes and practical applications to problems in fisheries management.

National Ocean Service Cindy B. Fowler: For leadership, integrity, professional conduct and technical expertise consistently resulting in improvements in product quality and project success.

Geoffrey W. French, Michael J. Evans, Hem Satsangi: For the design and implementation of the NOAA/NOS Continuous Operational Real-Time Monitoring System (CORMS), a data quality assurance system.

Maurice B. Hickson III: For leadership and achievements in the development of GIS hydrographic survey project planning products.

Marcella R. Jansen, Joseph P. Flanagan, Peyton J.W. Robertson: For improving the productivity of the Nation’s coastal waters by implementing a national program to control and reduce the runoff of polluted water.

Curtis C. Loy: For conceiving of and developing the Coast Survey Digital Historical Map and Chart Collection.

Curtis Mason: For leadership and professional excellence in developing and initiating the Department of Commerce Natural Disaster Reduction agenda.

NOS Coastal Programs Division: For improving the productivity of the Nation’s coastal water by providing a national system of control and reduce the runoff of polluted water.

Glen Y. Watabayashi: For significant contributions to the national drill program through the development of trajectory analysis tools and products.

Eugene Wei: For scientific achievement and technical leadership in developing an oceanographic model system for the Port of New York and New Jersey.

NESDIS Ernest J. Daddio, Anne O’Donnell Ball, Steven C. Hankin, George W. Jamerson, Daniel J. Manns, Nancy N.

Soreide: For significant contributions toward the development of the NOAAServer System, which greatly enchances public access to critical environmental information.

Carol N. Gerlitz, David A. Hastings, Allen M. Hittelman, Craig B. Larrimore, Mary Russell Oleson, Charles R. Schwarz: For leadership in pioneering developments for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Jerry David Hardy: For personal and professional excellence and scientific achievement in the development of the Interagency Taxonomic Information System.

Hernan James Silva, Paul Kim: For contributions in improving the dissemi- nation of polar-orbiting environmental satellite data to NOAA’s direct readout user community.

Albert E. Theberge, Dorothy L. Anderson, Janice A. Beattie, Elaine V. Collins: For outstanding contributions in creating WINDandSEA, a unique vehicle for customer service that increased the effectiveness of the NOAA Central Library.

Peter J. Topoly, David S. Crosby, Mitchell D. Goldberg, Ray E. Habermann, Herbert Jacobowitz, Alexander W. Kidd, Paul P. Pellegrino, Nagaraja C.R. Rao, Larry L. Stowe: For generation of unique global climate data from 17 years of archived satellite observations that will increase under- standing of climate changes.

National Weather Service Ingrid Caples: For searching out and implementing the blast-up telephone forecast coordination system for the Western Region and promoting its national use.

John Charles Derber, Lawrence J. Crone, Thomas J. Kleespies, Larry M. McMillin: For pioneering development of optimal assimilation of satellite data into global forecast models and of fast, accurate radiative transfer algorithms.

Larry H. Eblen: For organizing commu- nity outreach, education, and training programs which have advanced the level of weather awareness and preparedness in south Texas.

NOAA Report / January 1999

Michael W. Franjevic: For personal and professional excellence in weather warning and preparedness arena during his NWS meteorological career.

Arthur F. Henkel, Craig C. Peterson: For developing and implementing Mountain Mapper, an operational system and suite of software.

John E. Janowiak, Robert Churchill, George G. Fulwood, Michael S. Halpert, Joseph A. Harrison, R. Wayne Higgins, Jonathan D. Hoopingarner, Stephanie N. Kenitzer, David Miskus: For development and delivery of a broad, new suite of current climate and El Niño-related products to Federal, state, and media users.

Bryan H. Moore: For outstanding efforts and accomplishments in support of the Automated Surface Observing Systems test program and the commis- sioning of over 600 ASOS units.

NWS Office of Systems Operations, Facilities Modernization Group; Office of Finance and Administration, Central Administration Support Center, Acquisition and Facilities Engineering Division: For leadership of an extended program team to modernize NWS facilities under challenging schedules and budget constraints.

NWS Office of Systems Operations, Operations Training Branch: For developing and delivering NEXRAD training to NWS field personnel as a component of NWS modernization.

NWS Forecast Office, Albany, NY; NWS Forecast Office, Buffalo, NY; NWS Forecast Office, Taunton, Mass.; NWS Northeast River Forecast Center: For outstanding individual and collective contributions toward NOAA’s public safety mission during the Ice Storm and Flood of January 1998.

NWS Forecast Office, Birmingham, Al.: For taking appropriate actions that significantly reduced the number of fatalities and injuries during the central Alabama tornadoes of April 8, 1998.

NWS Forecast Office, Minneapolis: For exemplary life saving performance during the 1998 tornado outbreak when seven tornadoes cut a devastating path across southern Minnesota.

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