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January 1999 / NOAA Report

NWS Forecast Office, Eureka, Calif.; California-Nevada River Forecast Center; NWS Forecast Office, Los Angeles, Calif.; NWS Forecast Office, San Francisco Bay Area; NWS Office, Sacramento, Calif.; NWS Office, San Diego, Calif.; NWS Office, San Joaquin Valley: For public service performed resulting in lives and property saved during the El Niño events of 1997 and 1998.

NWS Office, Jacksonville, Fl.; NWS Office, Tallahassee, Fl.; NWS Office, Tampa, Fl.; NWS Southeast River Forecast Center, Peachtree City, Ga.: For exceptional hydrologic forecast services to the public and the Emergency Management community during the prolonged, record-breaking flood events of December 1997 to March 1998.

NWS Office, Nashville, Tenn.: For providing timely and accurate severe weather warning services during the April 16, 1998, tornado outbreak in middle Tennessee.

NWS Office, Pleasant Hill, Mo.: For outstanding leadership in the implemen- tation of the NWS Modernization and Restructuring technologies and opera- tions.

NEXRAD Weather Service Office, Tiyan, Guam: For outstanding public service in providing advanced typhoon warnings for Super Typhoon Paka.

Charles K. Piercy, Glen F. Evans, Edwin F. Hiner, William A. Johnson, James Douglas Walls: For professional excellence and engineering achievement in the establishing of the NOAAPORT / Satellite Broadcasting Network.

Edward N. Rappaport: For development of a graphics package that enhances the communication of life-saving hurricane track, size and intensity information to the public.

Jon M. Roe, Mark J. Glaudemans: For designing and developing the Weather Forecast Office Hydrologic Forecast System.

David N. Runyan, William Alexander, Gregory E. Jackson, Jeffrey A. Johnson: For the successful development, testing, and national implementation of the “Bullet-Style” warning format and associated warning software.

Joseph Greenstein Sela: For long- standing research and development in the application of global atmosphere models to massively parallel computing architectures.

Michael T. Sikorski, Laurence G. Davis, Maurice G. Dulic, John A. McDonald, Joseph A. Petteway, John R. Selock, Floyd V. Williams: For automation of the telecommunications invoice process- ing in support of the NWS national telecommunications programs.

Brian E. Smith: For outstanding contributions in the NWS public education program to promote recogni- tion of the life-threatening potential of severe storms.

Jerry A. Stephens, Douglas F. Hess, Jae K. Lee, Lawrence L. Lehmann, John McNulty, Joel L. Nathan, JoAnne Swanson, Chung-Shan Wu, William L. Voitk: For the development and deployment of an innovative system to modernize and automate programming and control of NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts.

David J. Vercelli: For leadership and management in providing sites with depictions of specific map themes that can be readily modified for each AWIPS site.

Paul M. Whitmore, Alec H. Medbery: For designing, developing and imple- menting software and complex elec- tronic systems which improved the West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center.


Office of Deputy Assistant Secretary Robert M. Carey, Muriel J. Cole, Gene Cope, Ralph E. Meiggs, Robert H. Stockman, Julia A. Blackwell, Glenn Boledovich, Michael E. Henderson, Davida G. Remer, Craig Russell, Allison Areias, Angela Christian, Michelle Fox, Roger B. Griffis, Peter Allen, Robert C. Hansen, Matthew Stout, Greg N. Smith: For significant contribution to the National Year of the Ocean Conference.

Randee Exler, James L. Buizer, John Sokich: For significant contribution to the White House Weathercasters Climate Change Meeting.


Office of the General Counsel Theodore M. Beuttler: For significant contributions providing legal counsel in the development of the aquatics portion of the Pacific Lumber Habitat Conserva- tion Plan.

Robert A. Taylor: For outstanding contributions in the areas of environ- mental conservation, program manage- ment and policy development related to NOAA’s natural resource damage assessment program.

Office of International Affairs Susan Ware: For leadership and out- standing contributions to the sustain ability of the marine environment in the Asia Pacific region.

Office of Public and Constituent Affairs Peter Allen, Michelle Crockett, Joseph Faulkner, Joyce Gross, Robert Hansen, Gregory Hernandez, Matthew Stout, Janet Ward: For outstanding service in constituent outreach and support for Year of the Ocean.

Office of Finance and Administration Neil A. Doherty: For leadership in developing and administering NOAA’s nationwide Alternative Dispute Resolu- tion program.

Gary L. Falk: For contributions in the area of Information Systems, Enhance- ment of NOAA’s Collective Network Capability.

Jesse Hurtado: For outstanding leader- ship in establishing and implementing the Super Energy Savings Performance Contract project.

H. Marie Marks, Rita E. Argueta, Maria C. Krug: For outstanding contributions in the development of NOAA’s Freedom of Information Act Home Page.

Monica Matthews: For outstanding leadership and management of the Senior Executive Service program.

Donita S. McCullough: For outstanding contributions in the area of administra- tive/technical support to NOAA’s mission and strategic objectives.

Joel Perlroth: For contributions in develop- ing a streamlined procurement process for NOAA’s IT Services requirements.

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