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Ocean and Atmospheric Research Jean Y. Davis: For outstanding leader- ship in the advancement of NOAA administrative management issues.

Roland R. Draxler, Jerome L. Heffter, Jeffrey T. McQueen, Glenn D. Rolph, Barbara J. B. Stunder: For contributions in constructing the READY system, an interactive Internet site providing real- time access to NOAA dispersion forecast products in the event of emergencies.

Michael Dean Eilts: For his positive impact on the National Severe Storms Laboratories research initiatives while enhancing a core element of the NOAA mission.

Steven C. Hankin: For extraordinary contribution to information technology in the form of innovative, and widely used software for visualization and analysis of large, global gridded data sets.

Carol Knight: For exceptional efforts in outreach and education which has brought favorable publicity and in- creased public awareness to OAR and NOAA programs.

Stephen R. Piotrowicz: For contribu- tions to furthering NOAA’s scientific research programs through creative planning and program development and his dedication to cost effective research management.

Michael A. Quigley: For outstanding leadership and unique contributions as Regional Coordinator of the Midwestern Regional Competition of the National Ocean Science Bowl.

Diane F. Rinaldo, Sharon L. Schroeder: For sustained superior achievement in conducting OAR’s financial manage- ment and budget execution activities.

Mary Anne Whitcomb: For sustained outstanding achievements in policy development, resource management, constituent outreach and Congressional liaison.

Office of NOAA Corps Operations Carol A. Baldwin: For achieving a high level of professional and personal excellence in support of the Office of NOAA Corps Operations.

William J. Floering: For enhancing the operations of the NOAA Ship Miller

Freeman through innovative equipment and process improvements.

Gordon R. Kitson: For achieving a high level of expertise in supporting the operations of NOAA’s high altitude hurricane research jet aircraft.

Brett S. Puckett: For outstanding contributions and professional excellence in support of the mission of the NOAA Ship McArthur.

National Ocean Service William J. Kenworthy, Stephanie Fluke, Mark Fonseca, Brian Julius, Gordon Thayer, Erik Zobrist: For significant scientific research achievements and contributions in obtaining settlements on claims pertaining to environmental impact to seagrass habitats.

Patricia A. Kreager: For significant contribution to NOAA and its mission as a Natural Resource Trustee.

National Marine Fisheries Service Frederick H. Beaudry, William B. Folsom, Dennis M. Weidner, Mark R. Wildman: For contribution in support of international efforts to conserve and manage the global swordfish resource.

Victoria Campbell, Sharon Kramer: For development of a conservation strategy for anadromous fish habitat that is compatible with economic use of forest on private land and will protect and restore thousands of miles of habitat well into the twenty-first century.

Margaret Caldwell Lorenz: For excep- tional leadership in completing the section 7 consultation handbook, an activity essential to successfully imple- menting the Endangered Species Act.

JoAnn McLean: For outstanding administrative support of national enforcement programs during 1998.

Gloria D. Thompson: For outstanding administrative service and management support of NOAA Fisheries.

NESDIS Dawn D. Anders: For superior perfor- mance in providing NOAA customers immediate access to fixed-price products via the World Wide Web by implementing NOAA’s first fully automated online store.

NOAA Report / January 1999

Robert Fennimore, Bruce Ramsay, Thomas M. Renkevens, George Stephens, William Tseng: For signifi- cant contributions for the creation and implementation of the Operational Significant Events Imagery Service.

Elaine M. Prins: For development of the first automated technique for detection of fires using geostationary satellite data which has proven to be a valuable tool in the detection and monitoring of fire outbreaks in the Western Hemisphere.

National Weather Service Michael D. DiVecchio, Laurie G. Hermes, Richard A. Lane, Vernon L. Preston, Stephen K. Rinard: For exceptional team effort in implementing and commissioning of the WSR-88D NEXRAD radar into field operations.

Joseph Facundo: For outstanding contributions in the field of system commissioning and legacy system decommissioning in support of the NOAA/NWS Modernization and Association Restructuring program.

Dian J. Gaffen, Donna B. Franklin, Kay E. Weston: For promoting under- standing and encouragement of the international participation of women in meteorology and hydrology via the World Meteorological Organization.

David B. Gilhousen: For conceiving, coordinating, and monitoring contractor development of the NOAA National Data Buoy Center Home Page Dial-a- Buoy System.

Joseph G. Lachacz, Drew Bouvette, Guy Drebing, Stephen N. Kusyj, Garry Looney: For dedication to the Western Region’s Automated Surface Observing System program above and beyond the norm for an extensive period of time.

Stephan B. Smith: For exceptional contributions to the NWS modernization in creating and developing the SCAN convective guidance package for AWIPS.

Patricia Wallace: For significant contributions providing the deaf and blind communities the ability to receive weather watches and warnings to ensure their safety and survival.

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