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Teddy Roosevelt Postcard Collection


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    Roosevelt Bears Leaving the Balloon.

  • (8)

    Roosevelt at the Tailor's.

  • (9)

    Roosevelt Bears in the Department Store.

  • (10)

    Roosevelt Bears at Niagara Falls.

  • (11)

    Roosevelt Bears at the Boston Public Library.

  • (12)

    Roosevelt Bears Take an Auto Ride.

  • (13)

    Roosevelt Bears at Harvard.

  • (14)

    Roosevelt Bears on the Iceberg.

  • (15)

    Roosevelt Bears in New York City.

  • (16)

    Roosevelt Bears at the Circus.

  • (17)

    Roosevelt Bears out West.

  • (31)

    Roosevelt Bears as Hunters.

  • (32)

    Roosevelt Bears as Washington.

Roosevelt Bears (no. 17 of a different series) Thomas F. Schweitzer series of postcards featuring the Roosevelt Bears. The Roosevelt Bears leave their Mountain Home (TFS-4) The Roosevelt Bears at the County Fair (TFS-5) The Roosevelt Bears Arrive in Boston (TFS-6) The Roosevelt Bears at Harvard (TFS-7) The Roosevelt Bears in Paris (TFS-8) The Roosevelt Bears see the Wax Musee: Roosevelt Bears, Buster Brown, and Tige (TFS-9) The Roosevelt Bears see the Wax Musee: Buster Brown Resolution (TFS-10) "NOT YET, BUT SOON…" Stork and teddy bear illustration on leather postcard stock. Paper version of the previous item. "A substitute" Stork and teddy bear. "Here's to your health. Jan. 1st." Polar bears celebrating over a bottle of wine. "Jan. 1st. Wish You Good Luck." Polar bear. "A Greeting of Jan. 1st." Polar bear. Same as 378. "Can you guess the one I love…" Bear hugging a woman. Valentine’s Day greeting showing a bear and little girl embracing. Valentine’s Day greeting showing a black child with bear cub and puppy dog. Raphael Tuck and Sons, London. "Won't you Bee My Honey … I cannot Bear to Love you. Valentine's Day Greeting showing a bear with a jar of honey. Raphael Tuck & Sons, London. "To My Valentine…" Teddy bear in a heart. "A HAPPY EASTER TO YOU." A Bear with a chicken hatching from an egg. Raphael Tuck & Sons Easter Post Cards Series No. 1042. "Wishing you a bright and happy Easter". Teddy bear and chickens. "A Merry Christmas" child looking at Teddy bear and toy drum by a Christmas Tree. "The Seasons Greetings" Teddy Bear with holly.

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