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Teddy Roosevelt Postcard Collection


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"WEDNESDAY" Mending clothes. "THURSDAY" Baking pies. "FRIDAY" House cleaning. "SATURDAY" Going to the market. Set of hand-colored leather postcards for each day of the week. Views similar to the previous set. Published by W.S. Heal, N.Y. Incomplete set of postcards with illustrations signed by D.P. Crane. Published by H.G.Z. & Co. "TUESDAY" Ironing clothes. "THURSDAY" Visiting. "HOLIDAY" Going on a picnic. Incomplete set of seven cards for each day of the week. White sketch drawing upon solid green colored background. D. Hillson. "TUESDAY" Ironing clothes. "FRIDAY" House cleaning. "SATURDAY" Going to the market. American Postcard "Busy Bears" Series No. 79 Ulman Manufacturing Co., New York. Seven-card set of colored illustrations of bears doing human activities for each day of the week. "SUNDAY" "This Little Bear Goes to Church". "MONDAY" "This Little Bear Washes Clothes". "TUESDAY" "This Little Bear Irons Clothes". "WEDNESDAY" This Little Bear Mends Clothes". "THURSDAY" "This Little Bear Bakes Pies". "FRIDAY" "This Little Bear Cleans House". "SATURDAY" "This Little Bear Goes to Market". Days of the Week Series by V.O.H.P. Co. Color illustrations with red background signed. "SUNDAY – PROMENADE" Bear family out for a walk. No. X39. "MONDAY – WASHING" No. X40. "TUESDAY – SEWING" No. X41. "WEDNESDAY – MATINEE" No. X42. At a movie theater. "FRIDAY – MARKETING" No. X44. "SATURDAY – BAKING" No. X45. Days of the week series (set) R.L. Wells White sketch drawing on green background. "FRIDAY" House cleaning. "SATURDAY" Marketing. "MARRIED ON THURSDAY – MARRIED FOR WEALTH". Bear adorned with a bridal veil. Little Bears Series no. 128 by Raphael Tuck & Sons. Twelve-card set of colored illustrations of bears engaged in human activities. "BREAKING THE RECO[RD]" Speeding in an automobile. "Tobogganing in the Snow."

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