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Teddy Roosevelt Postcard Collection


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"The Seashore Bear" No. 211. Brown Teddy playing in sand with shovel and bucket. "A SURE STRIKE" National Art Company, No. 269. Signed by C. Twelvetree. Teddy Bear wearing a red-and-green sweater holding a bowling ball. Rotograph Publishing Co., New York Series Nos. 307-317. Signed by Rose Clark. Illustrations of Teddy Bears in various poses. "A Bear Town Cadet" No. 307. Soldier. "Is that you Henry?" No. 308. Lady bear dressed in a nightgown holding a candle and poker. "The Bride" No. 310. Lady bear in a veil holding a bouquet. "A Bear Town Sport". No. 312. Bear wearing a top hat and vest, smoking a cigar. "I won't be home for dinner, Dear!" No. 315. Bear talking on the telephone with flower bouquet in hand. "Fifth Avenue". Lady bear wearing a fancy hat, scarf, and muff. Mischievous bears series. Copyright 1906, S.S. Porter. Various publishers. Colored illustrations. "Going Some" No. 127. Great Western News Company, Chicago. Bear being chased by bees coming out of the hive. Same as item No. 526 except publisher not identified. "EN ROUTE" No. 127 Lady bear in sun bonnet holding a broom chasing after a male bear. "NEAR THE FINISH" Little bear smoking a cigarette while eating jam about to be caught by adult bear with switch in hand. Duplicate of No. 528. [Bear Twins] set(s) Tower M. & N. Co. Each Series No. has multiple styles, color schemes, and title captions. "But we are civilized quite, therefore they dress us out of sight. No. 97-1. "I am waiting for you." No. 97-1. "Greetings From." No. 97-2. "It's a skin game." No. 97-2. "You don't say!" No. 97-3. "Greetings From." No. 97-3. "Won't You Join Us." No. 97-3 (black background) "Won't You Join Us." No. 97-3 (green background) "Here's to the stars and stripes, the land of our birth, a pretty girl – the best things on earth. No. 97-4. (black background). Celluloid bear shaped object affixed to this card. Same as above without celluloid image. "Hurrah for the American eagle, that beautiful bird so hale; whom nobody can inveigle, or put salt on his lovely tail. No. 97-4. (maroon background) "Greetings from" No. 97-4 (black background) "Greetings from" No. 97-5 (black background) "We wear pajamas and have perfume too, we are two dandies from the polar zoo. no. 97-5 (green background)

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