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Teddy Roosevelt Postcard Collection


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"Keep it quiet" No. 97-6 (black background) "The children too must have a pet … if you are not a bear you may be one yet." No. 97-6. "Let us reform". No. 97-6 (black background) [Seasons] Copyright 1906. J.S. Porter, Chicago. "SPRING" Male and Female bear under an umbrella. "SUMMER" Father and son bear fishing. "AUTUMN" Adult bear with hunting rifle followed by child bear carrying a picnic basket. "WINTER" Two bears sledding. Embossed cards featuring bears doing various human activities. Unidentified publisher. "Where am I at" Teddy Bear with a cane and top hat appears to be lost. "Is marriage a failure". Adult Teddy holding a baby Teddy Bear. "Please ask Pa." Courtship between male and female Teddy Bears. "Many happy returns". Teddy Bear dressed in tuxedo, toasting. "Come, birdie, come". Female bear calling a male bear. "Never touched me" Bear having no success at shooting a bird with a hunting rifle. "Well! Well! You never can tell." Female bear envying a ball of honey held by a male bear. Series of colored illustrations featuring bears engaged in human activities by an unidentified publisher. "I am in a whirl." Male and female bear dancing. No. 241. "I am enjoying myself." Male bear watching a ballet performance from a private box. No. 242. "I never expected to meet you." Big bear and little bear greeting each other. No. 243. "Oh my, but you are sweet." Bear eating honey from a beehive with the prospect of being stung by a swarm of bees. No. 244. "I have not had much luck, so far." Bear with a fishing rod. No. 245. "I am not going anywhere, I am coming back." Bear sledding down a hill. No. 246. "The joys of a bachelors [sic] life." Bear sitting at a table feasting. No. 247. "It was a touching scene." A legless bear sitting on a wagon begging from another bear. No. 248. "I have been hunting for you the whole year, but have not found you yet." Two bears conversing with one holding a hunting rifle. No. 250. Teddy Bear Scenes published by W.A. Beach Co., Roxbury, Mass., and M.T. Sheahan, Boston, Mass. "First Punishment." Big bear spanking a little bear while another covers his face. "Out for a walk." Two little bears holding the hands of a big bear. "Evening Prayer." Two little bears kneeling with the big bear. "Happy Family." Big bear with arms around little bears.

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