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Teddy Roosevelt Postcard Collection


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Same as 618. "There's A “Bear” Chance That I Will Not Be Home Soon." Illustration of a man being chased by a bear. "No Time To Write From Blairsville, Pa." Leather postcard with illustration of man being chased up a tree by a bear. "Follow This Up." Leather postcard with illustration of a bear climbing a tree in pursuit of a person." "Bear in mind I'm in a hurry." Leather postcard illustration of a man being chased by a bear. "Ish Ga Bibble (I should worry) Like a bear and let you hug me?" Illustration of a hunter being hugged by a bear. "Have been trying to reach you for some time." Illustration of a hunter on a tree limb being followed by a bear. "I unexpectedly met an old acquaintance." Illustration of a hunter running away from a bear. "I came out ahead of the game." Bulius, Boin & Company, N.Y. Comic Series. Illustration is the same as 626. "Greeting. Keep a little bare spot in your heart for me: You’ll find me faithful as Teddy B." Illustration of a Teddy Bear. "Levi & Cohen, Inc. Imported Skins" Comic postcard. "It's up to you." Illustration of a confrontation between a bear and hunter. "I cannot bear to have you think that I've forgotten you; so send this little bear along, to show it is not true.” Illustration or a bear in a tree. "A bear hug. A birthday hug you'd get today, if I were only there; but as I'm here, I'll send it by this jolly little bear.” Sanford Card Co., Danville, N.Y. Drawing of a bear standing on a tree stump. “Here's something to love and something to tease, something to cuddle and something to squeeze, someone who'll stick thro' storm and fair. A dear little, cute little brown Teddy Bear." Celluloid image of a Teddy Bear affixed to the postcard. "I can hardly bear to leave." A leather postcard with illustration of a Teddy Bear dressed in a tuxedo." "Wishing you a happy Christmas." Illustration of a polar bear greeting two children. "I cannot bear to leave thee." Drawing of a man being hugged by a bear. "Bear in mind." Illustration of a big bear teaching three little bears. Picture of a man with two bears standing on hind legs. L.F. Branning, New York City. "I'll see!" Illustration of a Teddy Bear who is about to open a picnic basket. "Grizzly Bear Killed at Bridge River, British Columbia." "Yosemite National Park: I can't bear to leave Yosemite." "Yosemite National Park: 'Any Sugar Today' – At the Bear Pits.” "Please Bear Me In Mind." Picture of a bear standing on hind legs." "The Woman Bear, Yellowstone Park." No. 16343, J.E. Haynes, St. Paul, Minn.

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