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HeartStart MRx

Leading-edge monitoring,

The HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator unites Philips industry-leading monitoring, superior diagnostic measurements, proven therapy capabilities, and CPR measurement and feedback in a lightweight and intuitive package designed to help caregivers save lives every day.

  • Compact, lightweight and intuitive unit combining a defibrillator, monitor and cardiograph in one unit saves space and reduces weight on hospital beds.

  • Industry-leading physiologic measurements and Q-CPR real-time measurement and feedback.

  • Proven therapies including pacing and the SMART Biphasic® waveform for effective defibrillation and synchronized cardioversion with less post-shock trauma.

  • Clinical networking capability* on the IntelliVue Clinical Network for monitoring and review at the central station. The HeartStart MRx is the only monitor/defibrillator with clinical networking capability. During transport between clinical units, maintain the level of care provided at the bedside with remote surveillance and automatic updating of vitals.

Recent scientific evidence as well as American Heart Association and European Resuscitation Council guidelines demonstrate that quality CPR and effective defibrillation are inextricably linked.** To assist caregivers in performing quality CPR, the Q-CPRmeasurement and feedback tool offers objective measurement and corrective feedback on compression depth and rate as well as ventilation volume and rate.

AC or battery power, with two bays for rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Two fully charged batteries provide a minimum of 10 hours of monitoring – more than any other monitor/defibrillator. Batteries charge to full capacity in just three hours. Battery conditioning is not required.

Powerful monitoring and measurements, including: Standard

  • 3- and 5-lead ECG

  • ST/AR Basicarrhythmia algorithm

  • Vital signs trending


  • FAST SpO2 (Fourier Artifact Suppression Technology)

  • Q-CPR measurement and feedback

  • Noninvasive Blood Pressure (NBP)

  • Microstream® Capnography (EtCO2)

  • 12-lead ECG

  • 12-lead ECG transmission

  • Invasive Blood Pressure, 2 lines

  • Temperature

  • *

    Only available in the US.

** Cobb et al. (1999), JAMA,“Influence of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Prior to Defibrillation in Patients with Out-of-Hospital Ventricular Fibrillation” Weisfeldt et al. (00), JAMA,“Resuscitation after Cardiac Arrest - A 3-phase Time-Sensitive Model”

  • HeartStart MRx Monitor/Defibrillator

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