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partnership between SFDPH and BVHP was essential for moving politics towards healthy city planning.

Source: Corburn J (2009).


Box 5.Changing governance in Brazil: The role of the private sector .

In Latin America, corporate philanthropic activity has been significantly increasing. In Brazil, for example, corporations themselves and their related foundations have made health their number three priority, behind only education and social assistance. More recently, the perception that good governance is a major factor for the improvement of quality of life and the realization of their political strength and power resources as to influence public policies and government activities has been shaping the kind of social programs supported or created by corporations.

A few examples are:


Some companies are investing resources in Local Development programs in municipalities or neighboring communities – actions that imply in a close connection with SDH and governance. These programs usually include participatory diagnostic processes and the establishment of partnerships with civil society organizations and local government authorities;


Corporate or private foundations has been developing programs to modernize public administration, offering financial resources and expertise to build the capacity of managers and policymakers in the implementation of public programs, often in health services;


-Several Latin American cities are nowadays participating in governance movements, most of them initiated by the private sector. The emerging Latin America and Brazilian Networks for Just and Sustainable Cities are among the most successful experiences. Bringing together civil society organizations, private companies and media groups, with the support of academia, those movements (most of them of participatory character) have been using citizen education, panels of indicators of quality of life (many of them related to Social Determinants of Health) and citizen perception surveys to challenge municipal governments to increase accountability, transparency, management of public policies, with a strong focus on the equitable distribution of resources and sustainability. More

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