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second is evangelizing the least-evangelized, and making the most of the opportunities which God is opening up to reach them, especially through new technologies. is session will be led by Steve Douglass and Chris Uy. e third is making the Scripture available in the mother-tongue of every person on earth. is session will be led by Ron Green and Ivan Sikha. e fourth is reaching and discipling the world’s 4.35 billion “oral learners and communicator”--those who can’t, don’t, or won’t learn through literate means. is session will be led by Samuel Chiang.

Helping Mission Agencies Increase the Effectiveness of their Missionaries Led by: Carol Lewis

A former field missionary, Carol Lewis will dialogue with participants about how to increase the ef- fectiveness of their field workers. Issues regarding language and culture learning will be particularly addressed.

Making Disciples in the 4/14 Window Led by: Eun Moo Lee

  • is workshop will examine the unique challenge and opportunity of discipling young people, partic-

ularly between the ages of 4 and 14 years, and will propose why this age group holds the key to seeing world evangelization completed in our generation.

Making Disciples in Global Migration Led by: Cheol Han Jeon and Leiton Chin

God is increasingly bringing the unreached peoples in contact with believers. How do we make the most of this reality and effectively disciple new believers to have the greatest impact possible on their people? How do we help them stay connected to their culture and people so that their witness is maxi- mized? How can we equip the local church to effectively respond to immigrant communities, planting culturally relevant disciple-groups among them?

Making Disciples in the Hindu Context Led by: H.L. Richard

Despite evangelical missionary presence in India for the last two hundred years, the vast majority of Hindu people groups are still without an indigenous disciple-making movement. Richard will give practical reasons why that is the case, and suggest real solutions that are working to address the dilem- ma of over 800 million people cut off from the gospel and the church.

Making Disciples in the Buddhist Context Led by: Alex Smith & Kiichi Ariga

  • ere are over 1 billion people in the world today that are daily influenced by a Buddhist worldview.

However, reaching Buddhists for Christ, Alex Smith contends is not so much a matter of more evange- lism, but “to make disciples to function and reproduce as His church.” If we effectively train and equip people in disciple-making communities we will unleash the potential of exponential growth. Smith and Ariga believe there is a corollary between numerical growth and the qualitative growth of believ- ers, that the key to numerical growth is deepening the spiritual growth of existing and future believers.


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