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Making Disciples in Business Contexts Led by: David Bae

How can we more effectively take discipleship into the market-place? Here we have the opportunity to actually build spiritual community in an urbanized world where everyone is very busy with their own lives. Most of our time and relationships are invested in the market-place. ๎is is the new community of the 21st century. So how can we bring the gospel into every market-place community and effec- tively disciple those who respond?

Making Disciples in Chinese Contexts Led by: Nobuo Takeuchi

Veteran missionary to the Chinese world, Nobua Takeuchi will examine how discipleship is taking place today in places like China where the church is growing very rapidly. What lessons can we learn from a movement that has both grown in quantity and quality? Is it possible that growing numerically does not mean we have to sacrifice discipleship? ๎at these are players on the same team?

Making Disciples in Fields of Science Led by: Minoru Usami

What role does science play in seeing God’s will be done here on earth as it is in heaven? Can believing scientists see their work as part of God’s work here on this earth? If so, is a calling to a scientific field a holy calling? How can we then effectively disciple those who are called into this field to use their knowledge and abilities in a way that glorifies God? What ethical issues confront scientists today, and what does the Bible have to say about them?

Making Disciples in the Japanese Context Led by: Daniel Kikawa

What does it mean to be Japanese and a follower of Jesus? Daniel Kikawa will demonstrate that the key to effective discipleship is understanding the culture and worldview context of the believer, and helping each person apply biblical truth in such a way that the culture and worldview begin to con- form to the Scripture, and not the other way around. Much of discipleship breaks down here in this process, and understanding this breakdown is the key to correcting it.

Making Disciples in Jewish Contexts Led by: Takashi Yokoyama

Takashi Yokoyama will give an overview of what God is doing today to reach Jewish people with the gospel and the unique way in which Jewish background believers are being discipled, which enables them to keep many of their cultural traditions while embracing Jesus as their Messiah.

Making Disciples in the Muslim Context Led by: Hisham Kamel

  • ๎

    e founder of the Arabic Communication Center will share models of how Muslims are being dis-

cipled to follow Jesus in the midst of severe persecution and hostility from family, friends and society at large. What does it mean to prepare new believers for the constant challenges they will face?


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