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Making Disciples in the Nomadic Context Led by: Malcolm Hunter

Why have we yet to see significant breakthroughs among nomadic peoples? One of the key issues is a lack of effective discipleship of new believers from nomadic background. Typically they are made to lose their nomadic way of life once they become believers. Is it possible for someone to be a follower of Jesus in the context of nomadism? Malcolm Hunter believes that it is, but radical new approaches are required, which by their very nature may get us back to the biblical core of what the church and disciple-making are really all about.

Making Disciples through the Local Church Led by: David Yoo

  • e local church is God’s forum for disciple-making, but more often than not, biblical disciple-mak-

ing doesn’t happen. Why is that, and what can be done about it? How can we equip the next genera- tion of missionaries to plant disciple-making fellowships? How can we help our existing churches around the world, both old and new, to re-tool and re-structure around the biblical mandate and standard of discipleship?

Media that Transforms Nations Led by: Calvin and Carol Conkey

An integrated media strategy will enhance all aspects of evangelism, discipleship and mobilisation. Our world is increasingly going digital and we need to learn how to use all possible means (ipods, films, mobile phones, the internet, art evangelism, storying, animation and more) to share the good news in interesting and creative ways! Come see, hear and discuss how film, art, music videos, and new tech- nologies are being used to reach people around the world for Jesus! As we participate in Tokyo 2010 and work together to complete the Great Commission, we will need more tools and partnerships to multiply our witness in many different languages. During this workshop, you will also receive resourc- es and free multi-language evangelistic films through our various Internet sites. Get equipped with innovative ideas and practical tools to resource your mission agency and outreach teams for effective cross-cultural evangelism, discipleship, and mobilisation! e full workshop title is “Media that Trans- forms Nations: Effective cross-cultural media, arts and mission resources.”

Member Care Around the World Led by: Philip Chang

Perhaps the most crucial issue in missions today is how missionaries are being cared for and discipled on the field. Few are better positioned to examine this issue than Philip Chang who has worked for many years with the WEA Missions Commission in the area of Member Care. e WEA MC has been on the forefront of researching and championing this issue, as well as equipping agencies to re- tool to meet the new demands placed on missionaries today.

Multi-Cultural Teams Led by: Sherril Silzer

Veteran field missionary Sherril Silzer will explore the strengths and weaknesses of multi-cultural teams and propose ways these types of teams can better function on the field.


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