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Vishnu has ten principal avatars. The first, Matsya, was a fish that saved the first human, Manu, from a great flood by leading his ship to safety. Kurma, the second avatar, was the tortoise that recovered some precious objects that the gods had lost during another great flood. Also saved from the flood was Lakshmi, a goddess of fortune and beauty who became Vishnu's wife. Vishnu appeared on earth a third time as Varaha, the boar. Varaha rid the world of a demon giant named ‘Hiranyaksha', who had dragged the earth to the bottom of the ocean and threatened to keep it there. After a thousand-year struggle, Varaha killed the demon. Vishnu's fourth avatar, the man lion ‘Narasinmha’, freed the world from another demon, ‘Hiranyakashipu’, who had forbidden worship of the gods. When the evil king Bali gained control of the world, Vishnu appeared on earth a fifth time as ‘Vamana’, the dwarf. ‘Vamana’ persuaded Bali to give him whatever land he could cover in three steps. The dwarf then changed into a giant, and his steps extended over both heaven and earth. Vishnu's sixth avatar was ‘Parasurama’, a young man who freed the Hindu priests from a class of warriors known as the Kshatriyas. Vishnu's most popular and well-known avatars were Rama and Krishna, the great heroes of the epics the Ramayana (epic of satyug) and Mahabharata (subjectively interpreted). Rama, the seventh avatar, saved humans from the demon king Ravana, while Krishna rid the world of many demons and took part in a long struggle against the forces of evil. The ninth avatar of Vishnu was the Buddha, the religious leader whose beliefs weakened the opponents of the gods and whose logistics and contemplation became a way of life dharma for the most of his disciples – hence his disciples spread the “Dhammapada” the equivalent of Gita all over the Asian continent and Buddhism emanated out of the teachings of Gautama Buddha. Vishnu's tenth avatar, Kalki, has not yet arrived on earth. It is envisioned by seers in Shrimad Bhagavad Purana that Bhagavana will mount on a white horse- comprising [horse and human brevity of Hanumantha and fiery flight of Garuda], to oversee the final destruction of the wretched of the Mother Earth, to restore purity, renew creation, and bring forth a new era of harmony and order to Mother Earth.

Some philosophical schools regard Krishna as the eight avatara and Kalki as the ninth avatara of lord divine Vishnoo. Shree Bhagavad Purana states that there are twenty five all together incarnations of Bhagavan. Srimad Bhagavattam says there are twenty seven avataras as there are twenty seven nakshattaras. Other sources of Indian scriptures state that there are 29 avatars of which 9 are the major or main avataras. Our SrimadBhagavadTam states that Krishna is the recent most God Avatara of the Vedic times until Kalki _Avatara is incarnated, thence we say Jaya Shree Krishna. Gautama Budha was a human born as a royal prince with human life.


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