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Krushna was an absolute incarnation (purnaavtar). We in Hindu culture believe that Krushna is the Bhagavan Divine Love of Vishnoo himself. It so happens that Bhagavan and Bhakta are united in fusion of delight in the Krishna avatar by many exemplifications like MeeraBai and her divine love for Krishna; Radhika’s devotion, Rukhmini’s faith, Arjuna’s devoted bhakti and satt-karma, under the guidance of Krishna and many more like Udhavji, Sudama, and so forth.

Devaki and Vasudev were the parents of Krushna. On the command of Lord Vishnu, the Great Illusion (Yogamaya) placed the seventh child of Devaki in the womb of Vasudev’s second wife, Rohini and Herself entered the womb of Devaki. After birth when Kansa came to kill Her, She escaped from his clutches in spirit and left for Her DEVI abode in the deva-loka. Krusshna is Devaki’s eighth child. After He was born, Vasudeva took Him to the home of Nanda and Yashoda in Gokul. Vasudeva also sent Rohini along with her son to Gokula. The priest of the Yadu dynasty, Sage Garga at the request of Vasudeva, secretly performed the naming ceremony of both the children, Rohini’s son as Rama and Devaki’s as Krushna. Later Rama came to be known as Balaram because of the tremendous strength that He possessed. Krushna went to Mathura to slay Kansa at the age of seven years. It was then that His childhood ended. The region on the outskirts of Mathura is called ‘Vraj’; it means that the place where cattle graze and roam is Vraj. Since Infant Krushna’s divine play took place here, this place is said to be sacred. After the slaying of Kansa and the thread ceremony, Balaram and Krushna both went to the ashram of Guru Sandipani in the city of Avanti. There within a span of sixty-four days He learnt the fourteen types of sciences (vidyas) and the sixty-four arts (kalas). Generally normal intelligent child to learn one science requires two to two and a half years. Krishna was close even to people who were much older than Him. At the age of just seven Krushna did not allow the milkmaids to go to Mathura because He did not want the money that was procured by selling milk to evil ‘Kansa’. Since then, the elders began to heed His advice and He proved true to their faith.

Bestower of spiritual experiences

Once the cowherds (gopas) told Yashoda, “Krushna has swallowed mud.” So, she asked Krushna to open His mouth. When He opened it, she got the vision of the entire universe in it. This example illustrates how an incarnation carries out its mission even in childhood.

On a moonlit night in autumn (sharad) He performed the rasa dance (rasakrida) with the gopis (wives of the cowherds) in Gokul. At that time they experienced Bliss (Brahmananda). Hence, raas is a very auspicious dance of Krishna.


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