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Krushna’s beauty was unparalleled. All would get enticed by it. Krishna had magnetic charisma. To capture Krushna, Jarasandha’s armies surrounded Mathura eighteen times. Nowhere in the world have so many attempts been made to capture an individual. Kansa ferried 280 elephants on wooden rafts across the Yamuna river. He surrounded Mathura for three months, but Krushna could not be captured because He would change His home everyday. Apart from this the thousand children living in Mathura also wore peacock feathers in their hair to resemble Krushna. Kansa’s soldiers assaulted them, yet they did not reveal ‘who the real Krushna was’. Keeping everyone happy was Krishna’s nature. Krushna behaved in a way which pleased both His parents Vasudev and Devaki and His guardians Nanda and Yashoda. Krushna would respect His elder brother, Balaram.

  • The ideal husband : When it is so difficult to please just one wife, Krushna could please 16,008 wives! Narad’s attempts to create strife between them failed.

  • The ideal father : Because His sons behaved un-righteously, He Himself slew them during the battle of the Yadus.

  • The ideal friend : Krushna affectionately welcomed His poverty-stricken childhood friend Sudama even when He became the ruler of “Dvarika”. Due to His friendship with the Pandavas, He constantly rushed to their aid. The Pandavs worshipped Krushna as a friend (sakhyabhakti). “Krishna” represented the entire Vedas and furthermore indulged with the

Gopis in dance, music, and enchanting extravaganza. Some say he is born of fiery passion in the “Nattya Veda”. The fifth untold, unspoken Vedic scripture "NATYA VEDA" has been delineated to be the most sacred Vedic scripture of fine arts that exhibits excellence of three forms of dancing namely the natya, the nritya and the nritta; developing and blossoming into colourful tandav and divine raas-leela, kathaka, and Bharat natyam; all of which embeds brilliance of sheer divinity of love, passion, and spiritual delight. In music, dance, song, poetry, and artistic talent, Krushna gives us immense inspiration, delight and light of divine hope to every corners of the world with great enthusiasm, great spirit, and great enchanting performances of raasa-leela. Krushna loved the arts of dance, music, etc. and was an expert in them. His playing of the flute and His performance of the rasa dance (rasakrida) are famous. Even the animals and birds would get enticed when He played the flute. Krushna displayed delight, he was delight, and his friendship brought immense divine delight.


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