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Since the Lord does not have ego His actions (karmas) are referred to as divine play (lila) and the play of man are called actions because of his ego.

‘Radha was first created in the Go region (Golok) and then became Krushna’s divine lover. Later She was born in Vrundavan to the cowherd (gopa), Vrushbhanu and became the idol of the devotees in Vrajamandal. She married a Vaishya (businessman) youth named Shashan; actually it was only Her replica which married him. Keeping Her image in Her physical body Radha left that body and merged Herself into Krushna’s heart in Her primal form.’

The divine play of Lord Krushna (rasalila):

The word rasa-leela has originated from two sources means the collection of nine rasas and hundred and eight musical symphonies that means that from which raasa is generated. The rasa dance (rasakrida) is a beautiful event in the lives of Krushna and the gopis (wives of the cowherds). During the dance Krushna endowed them with the spiritual experience of non-duality (advait).

"Vasudeva Sutam Devam, Kansa Chaanuuramardanam Devakii Paramaanandam Krishhnam Vande Jagad Gurum"

Meaning: Krishna is the Supreme Lord, Son of Devaki (Sister of Kansa) and Vasudeva. He is the slayer of Kansa and Chanur. I bow to such great lord and may god bless me with his grace always.

"Aakaashaath Patitam Toyam, Yathaa Gachchhati Saagaramh Sarvadeva Namaskaaraanh, Keshavam Pratigachchhati"

Meaning: Lord Krishna is great. Just as every rain drop that falls from the sky flows into the Ocean, in the same way every prayer offered to any deity flows to Lord Krishna. I bow to such great Lord Krishna


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