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Meaning: Bhagwat Gita is that with which Sri Narayana himself enlightened Partha (Arjuna). It was incorporated and compiled by the ancient Sage Sri Veda Vyasa with the inspiration of Ganesha Devà. Gita showers the nectarine philosophy of Advaita, and its physical structure is its eighteen chapters. O Blessed Mother ! I constantly meditate on thee, you indeed are the antidote to the ever- tricky & disastrous problem of our deep-rooted sense of limitation & seeking (Bhava).

“Ek Ahamta Mamta Ati Dukh Daayi Yeh Jou Shriji Ki Oour Lagey Toh Hoth Ati Sukh Daayi’

One will always be in clouds of sorrows till his heart yearns for desires but the day he really meets the world of Bhakti,his life is directed to the path of blessing.

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    Rasik Naamavali by Shri Hith Chandralalji Maharaj.

Hari Krishna

Thou art the divine glow of Divine love Oh spirit-wide boundless Space neela-akasha, Oh million moons, Oh effulgent of all radiant one, Oh Hari, thou art the glory of Gita! Hari Krishna Oh Hari, into the universe terrible and sweet, in all its wonderful endeavours, none so sweetly comes nearer and nearer the melodies of your flute, whose symphonies are the rhythm of Radhika and whose lyrics are the poetry of Meerabai. Oh Divine love, divine one, Hari Krishna, One who sits alone conquers the one’s divinity One is there, Self of self, Soul of space, Fount of Time, Heart of hearts, Mind of minds, alone, sublime, tranquil, serene, yet enchantingly Oh Hari thou art. All thou love, all thou capers, all thou touch with dainty divinity and beautiful divine grace. All that is beautiful and divine is thine sweetness fineness. Thou art strange mystery in whom my soul divine perches with divine peace.

Aum Shantih, shantih, shantih.

Written and composed by: Jyotikar Pattni

© Copyrights © August 17th 2008


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