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CHRIST whose purpose is to KINDLE with thy passion us INSPIRE

Pastoral Kindling By Scott Stearman

Great News about the Good News!

I have some great news to share and it has nothing to do with you, although it has everything to do with you.

First is that our sister congregation, the Harrison Avenue Missionary Baptist Church, was able to get a loan for their new building! The church has been “homeless” for about a year while they have been working on getting a loan from a bank. Many of you will remember when they worshiped with us this summer – they were meeting in Rose Hill. They still are. In spite of having sig- nificant resources and land in Kirkwood it took them months and about five banks to meet with success. The great news is that through the help of some KBC members, a local bank was found and their building will start soon. This is good news for brothers and sisters, good news for our engagement with them, and good news for Kirkwood – and I believe – good news for the Kingdom of God.

Second is more symbolic, and may seem silly, but it is good news. Our steeple is gleaming again! A steeple is but pointed wood and steel, but it points towards heaven. That’s the symbolism of a steeple. It points towards God. Our care of it – as silly as it may sound – is a sign to our community of our faith. Your con- tribution makes the care of our building possible and for that I thank you. But I also want to say unequivocally that your contribution and our stewardship of our facilities is part of our witness. So a white steeple is good news.

Third is personal. I don’t want to use this space (or any space for that matter) to talk about myself, but it is important to relate that the CT scan and chest x- ray showed no sign of cancer. No further treatment is needed. This is obviously great news to me and I know good news to many of you who were praying for such an outcome.

Fourth, let me remind you of The good news. Nothing you do matters; meaning in the context of God’s love, nothing you do matters. God’s unconditional love comes our way and nothing we do can divert it. Through the life and ministry of Jesus, we have a direction, purpose, and meaning we wouldn’t otherwise. In that beautiful phrase of Anne Lamott: “God loves you just the way you are, and too much to leave you that way.” And as I said on Sunday, this change propels us to cross human chasms here which will ultimately be impassible in eternity.

Spread the Good News!!!

God’s Green Earth Recycling Efforts

We continue to collect small batteries including all flash-light, phone and 9 volt batteries. There is a receptacle on the lower level near the youth room entrance.

The receptacle for your personal documents that need to be shredded has been moved to the Great Hall Foyer. The recep- tacle is locked and gets emptied on a regular basis.

And, as always, don’t forget to place your Sunday bulletin and Midweek Reminder in the paper recycling containers around the building.

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Begin Your Week with Worship

Sundays at KBC

7:45 am & 10:15 am Deacons Pre-Service Prayers 8:00 am & 10:30 am Worship Service

9:15 am 4:00 pm 4:00 pm 4:45 pm 4:30 pm 5:45pm 6:15 pm

Bible Study for all ages Community Gospel Choir Youth Hand Bells Youth Choir Children’s Choir Youth Snack Supper Sunday Night Live

Upcoming Sermons

Oct 17

Luke 17:11-19 A Nagging Widow

Oct 24

Luke 18:1-8 A Prayerful Sinner

Oct 10

A Grateful Samaritan

Luke 18:9-14

October 3

A Slave with Overtime Lune 17:5-10

Deacon of the Week Bob Starkey

Bible Openers Ian Lane (8:00) Malea Baldwin (10:30)

Worship Care Team Leader Tamara Lane

Worship Care Volunteers Von Hulin, Phyllis Huettner, Virginia Johns, Jennifer Pirrie, Don Willis

Center Your Week

Wednesdays at KBC

4:45 pm 5:45 pm 6:00 pm 6:00 pm 7:00 pm

Family Dinner Prayer Meeting Bible Study Chancel Ringers, KBC Brass Sanctuary Choir

Current Studies

Study led by Scott Stearman Quoting Qoheleth: the Poetic Preacher of Ecclesiastes

10/6 - I Saw Nothing Better Ch. 3: 9-22

KBC Family Dinner $6/adult, $2/child, $16/family of 4+ Reservation/Cancellation Deadline: Noon on Monday for the following Wednesday. Late cancellations will be charged.

October 6 - Garavelli’s Breaded Pork Chop, Baked Potato, Vegetable Medley, Blackberry Pie

October 13 - Southwest Market Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Pasta Cream of Broccoli, Green Beans, House Italian Salad, Iced Brownies

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