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“Emotional Overcoat”

  • Abortion

  • Government subsidized abortion for low

income females

When you see the word “abortion” above, most everyone “feels” something. What you are feeling is most likely your emotional overcoat. Most folks fall into two camps regarding this issue, pro-life and pro-choice. Both groups have fervent and dedicated beliefs regarding the issue. We are not going to discuss these beliefs or the issue of “right” or “wrong” regarding this issue. We are not going to go there. That is not the intent. I simply want you to recognize, to “feel” what we have been discussing in terms of the emotional overcoat.

If I add government subsidized to the abortion debate, I turn up the volume or fan the fire so to speak among many people as well. I add “government subsidized” here only to intensify the emotional overcoat. I only want you to “feel” what it is that we are talking about with respect to the emotional overcoat. You all can tell that I am nervous about this. Well, I am. I am as nervous as an ant caught in the rain.

Alright. Has everyone experienced their emotional overcoat. Now, I am going to ask you to take it off for a moment. Hang it up in a safe and secure place where nothing can happen to it, and remember where you put it. Give it a pat before you walk away and remind it that you will be back for it. Tell it you are going to miss it, and you won’t be gone long.

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