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Oak Haven School

students, talking with students and teachers, 2002 New Standards English Language Arts Reference Examination School Summary, observing the school outside of the classroom, reviewing classroom assessments)

Students enjoy solving math problems in multiple ways. Working together in groups, they choose appropriate strategies and effectively use many math tools. Some students confidently use calculators, computers, overhead projectors, protractors, and other manipulatives to increase their understanding of math concepts. Many practice computation skills daily, and this helps them calculate accurate solutions to problems. While these practices occur regularly in most classrooms, students in mixed ability groups have more opportunities to learn from their peers than those who are not. Many students struggle to describe clearly how they have solved math problems. Student performance on the 2002 New Standards Mathematics Reference Examination reflects these findings. (observing classes, following students, observing the school outside of the classroom, reviewing classroom textbooks, 2002 New Standards Mathematics Reference Examination School Summary, reviewing completed and ongoing student work, talking with students, teachers)

Students at Oak Haven School cheerfully welcome everyone who visits their school. They say they like school and that a good education is important to them. They like challenging work. Their positive attitude toward learning allows them to take risks and set high goals. They are polite and respectful of adults and peers. Most students clearly understand what the school expects in terms of their academic achievement and behavior. A few do not, and their behavior interferes with the learning of others. (observing classes, observing the school outside of the classroom, meeting with students, 2002 SALT Survey report, following students, talking with students, reviewing attendance records)

Commendations for Oak Haven School Enthusiastic, friendly learners, who take pride in their school

Recommendations for Oak Haven School Continue and increase the use of the successful reading and mathematical practices established in your classrooms.

Continue to build on the foundation established for effective writing. Increase opportunities and model strategies for students to self-edit and revise their work.

Provide more opportunities for students to write across the content areas. Increase opportunities for students to explain their mathematical reasoning, both orally and in writing. Establish mixed ability groups for reading, writing and math.

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