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Oak Haven School

instruction groups exist, there is not enough positive peer modeling of good reading practices. Resource teachers and a reading specialist struggle to provide additional reading support and instruction within their heavy caseloads. While many students have a solid foundation of basic reading skills, these constraints prevent them, especially those who have nearly met the standard on the 2002 New Standards English Language Arts Reference Examination, from becoming competent, confident readers. (following students, observing classes, talking with students and teachers, reviewing classroom textbooks, reviewing school improvement plan, 2002 New Standards English Language Arts Reference Examination School Summary, observing the school outside of the classroom, meeting with the school improvement team school and district administrators, reviewing records of professional development activities)

Math instruction is exciting at Oak Haven School! Many teachers creatively use real life experiences to make math come alive and to encourage students to use a variety of mathematical strategies to solve problems. Integration of technology, when it is working, allows students to display their data in spreadsheets and bar graphs. Students use manipulatives as tools to deepen their conceptual understanding of math. Regular practice of basic math facts helps students to compute accurately and feel more competent. However, these effective math practices are not consistently implemented on a school-wide basis. While a problem-solving rubric has been developed to assess student work, it does not set high enough expectations for mathematical communication and reasoning. Heterogeneous math groups are not consistent throughout the school, limiting opportunities for students to learn from each other. As a result, although students are becoming more confident about solving problems, they continue to struggle with justifying their solutions. This evidence correlates with student performance on the 2002 New Standards Mathematics Reference Examination. (observing classes, reviewing school improvement plan, reviewing classroom textbooks, 2002 New Standards Mathematics Reference Examination School Summary, talking with students and teachers, reviewing completed and ongoing student work, discussing student work with teachers, reviewing classroom assessments, following students, reviewing district strategic plan)

From novices to veterans, Oak Haven teachers are constantly trying new ways to help their students learn. They laugh together and support one another in their personal and professional endeavors. Teachers and staff trust one another other enough to state that it is “OK to disagree.” But, everyone does agree that the students come first. Students are proud to tell visitors that they love their teachers. Parents report that teachers challenge their children and keep them well informed of their children’s progress. Teachers proudly describe their willing participation in professional development activities to broaden their skills and knowledge. They often share resources, ideas and teaching methods. Common planning time facilitates this process for some teachers, but not for all. Teachers’ dedication and hard work is evident throughout the school. (observing classes, meeting with the school improvement team, students, parents, 2002 SALT Survey report, talking with students, teachers, staff, and school administrator, reviewing records of professional development activities, following students, reviewing district strategic plan)

Commendations for Oak Haven School Dedicated professionals who are receptive to change Caring, supportive staff

Recommendations for Oak Haven School

Increase opportunities for students to problem solve. Revise rubrics on problem solving to elicit more in-depth explanations of mathematical reasoning from students.

Increase opportunities for students to write across the curriculum, especially in math. Participate in professional development for writing and guided reading. Revise the rubrics on writing to include all of the components of effective writing (i.e. Six Trait Writing). Expand common planning time for all teachers. Place students in mixed ability groups for all subjects.

Recommendations for Coventry School Department Provide funding for professional development in guided reading, writing and math.

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