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Oak Haven School


Sources of Evidence

  • observing classes

  • observing the school outside of the classroom

  • following students

  • meeting with the school improvement team, students, school and district administrators, parents

  • reviewing school improvement plan

  • 2002 SALT Survey report

  • talking with students, teachers, staff, and school administrator

  • revewing records of professional development activities

  • reviewing district strategic plan

  • reviewing Coventry Public Schools Technology Plan

  • 2002 Information Works!


Support for special education is lacking. Teachers report that testing materials are outdated and do not reflect the expectations of today’s classrooms. Special education teachers do not have common planning time with each other or with the regular education teachers. This limits their ability to coordinate and align their instruction with the regular education classrooms. Although they are using a guided reading approach, teachers report they lack the professional development training to use it well. Many students receive services in the resource room, thus separating them from their peers. When they return to their homerooms, some resume classroom work, while others complete alternate assignments provided by the resource teachers. These practices will not help to reduce the equity gaps in reading, writing and math. (observing classes, talking with students, teachers, staff, and school administrator, following students, 2002 Information Works!, meeting with the school improvement team, school administrator, reviewing records of professional development activities, reviewing district strategic plan)

Although the building is clean and neat, it is not adequately maintained. The roof leaks. The wiring is inadequate for the electrical demands. The temperature fluctuates greatly throughout the building. There is not enough appropriate space for classrooms and storage. Music and some health classes meet in the cafeteria. Materials for Art instruction are carried around from classroom to classroom on a cart. The library media center is overcrowded. The library is not automated, and the collections need updating. Although there are many computers throughout the school, they often do not work. These conditions limit learning opportunities for all students. In addition, parents report that a lack of lighting in the parking lots during evening events is a safety issue. (observing classes, following students, observing the school outside of the classroom, meeting with the school improvement team, school administrator and parents, reviewing Coventry Public Schools Technology Plan)

The principal is a strong advocate for her faculty, students and the school. Her distributive leadership model involves teachers in school decision-making. Students say that she is nice, caring and respectful of others. District administrators and teachers report that she has exemplary management and organizational skills. The parents state that her extensive monthly newsletter keeps them informed about school events, as well as about the concepts being taught at each grade level. She makes herself readily available to parents, students and staff. Regular classroom visits enable her to know all her students by name. As an

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