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Oak Haven School

Endorsement of SALT Visit Team Report

Oak Haven School April 11, 2003

Catalpa Ltd. monitors all SALT visits and examines each SALT visit team report to determine whether it should be endorsed as a legitimate SALT report. The endorsement decision is based on procedures and criteria specified in Endorsing SALT Visit Team Reports. (available on Catalpa website). Catalpa Ltd. bases its judgment about the legitimacy of a report on these three questions:

Did the SALT visit team and the host school conduct the visit in a manner that is reasonably consistent with the protocol for the visit?

Do the conclusions of the report meet the tests for conclusions specified in the visit protocol (important, accurate, set in present, shows the team’s judgment)?

Does the report meet the tests for a report as specified in the visit protocol (fair, useful, and persuasive of productive action)?

Using the answers to these questions, the final decision to endorse the report answers the overall endorsement question: Is this a legitimate SALT team visit report? In order to make this determination, Catalpa weighs all the questions and issues that have been raised to decide whether a report is legitimate or not. While it is possible that a challenge related to one of the three questions listed above would be serious enough to withhold or condition the endorsement, it is more likely that issues serious enough to challenge a report’s legitimacy will cut across the three questions.

While the SALT visit protocol requires that all SALT visits are conducted to an exceptionally high standard of rigor, visits are “real-life” events; it is impossible to control for all unexpected circumstances that might arise. The protocol for the conduct of

t h e v i s i t i s s p e l l e d o u t i n t h e H a n d b o o k f o r S A L T V i s i t C h a i r s , 1 s t e d i t i o n .

Since unexpected circumstances might result in either the team or the school straying too far from the protocol for a visit, Catalpa monitors both the school and the team during a visit regarding the conduct of the visit.

Most often actual visit events or issues do not challenge a report’s legitimacy and Catalpa’s monitoring and endorsement is routine. A district administrator, principal, faculty member or parent may not like a report, or think it is too negative, or think the visit should have been conducted in a manner that is not consistent with the protocol. None of these represent a challenge to a report’s legitimacy; concerns that might challenge an endorsement are based on events that stray too far from the protocol.

The Catalpa review of this visit and this report was routine. The steps Catalpa completed for this review were: discussion with the chair about any issues related to the visit before it began daily discussion of any issues with the visit chair during the visit observation of two portions of the visit discussion with the principal regarding any concerns about the visit at the time of the visit thorough review of the report in both its pre-release and final version form The findings from the review are:

  • 1.

    This team was certified to meet team membership requirements by RIDE staff.

  • 2.

    This report was produced by a legitimate SALT Visit that was led by a trained SALT Visit Chair and conducted in

a manner that is consistent with SALT Visit procedures.

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