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Oak Haven School

2002-2003 Budget folder Teacher Evaluation folder Coventry Mentoring Program Coventry Public Schools Technology Plan Health and Safety folder Feinstein Good Deeds folder Report Card folder Parent/Teacher Conference and Report forms Copies of Principal’s newsletters to parents PTA Meeting minutes Principal’s Weekly Bulletins to teachers Math Curriculum for Coventry Public Schools PreK-6 English/Language Arts Curriculum for Coventry Public Schools PreK-6 Elementary Science Curriculum draft Math Standards in Kids Language Oak Haven Scrapbook-evidence of humanitarian deeds and activities

Minutes from school-based action committees for health, math, school strategies, writing, reading, technology, and SALT committee

The full visit team built the conclusions, commendations, and recommendations presented here through intense and thorough discussion. The team met for a total of 35.5 hours in six separate meetings spanning the five days of the visit. This time is exclusive of the time the team spent in classrooms, with teachers, and in meetings with students, parents, and school and district administrators.

The team must agree that every conclusion in this report: is important enough to include in the report. is supported by the evidence the team has gathered during the visit. is set in the present. contains the judgment of the team.

Using the Report

The team deliberately chose the words, phrases, and sentences it used in its conclusions, as well as in the Portrait and Final Advice. Thus, this report is the team’s best attempt to encourage and support the school’s continued improvement in strengthening the learning of its students.

The team reached consensus on each conclusion, each recommendation, and each commendation in this report.

It is important to note that this report reflects only the week in the life of the school that was observed and considered by this team. The report does not cover what the school plans to do or what it has done in the past.

This report is not prescriptive. The value of this report will be determined by its effectiveness in improving teaching and learning. By considering how important it considers what the team has said and why, the school will take its first step in becoming accountable in a way that actually improves learning.

It is important to read this report and consider it as a whole. Recommendations and commendations should be considered in relation to the conclusions they follow.

After the school improvement team considers this report, it should make changes in the school improvement plan. The revised plan will form the basis for negotiating a Compact for Learning with the school district. The purpose of the Compact is to ensure that the school and its district work out an agreement about the best way to improve the school and the best way to target district support for the school. A RIDE Field Service Team representative will offer assistance in preparing the compact.

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