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Oak Haven School

Students score well on reading, writing and math skills (46-68% achieve the standard). There is a dramatic drop in their performance on math problem solving to only 25% meeting the standard. The large numbers of students in the “nearly achieved the standard” level may bode well for improving levels of scores in the next round of testing.

Results compared to similar students in the state

This chart includes the performance levels of students with special education needs, students participating in ESL or bilingual programs, low socio-economic status (a composite of income level, racial background and parental education), as well as the performance of students with none of these characteristics. Taking all these characteristics into account, the graph displays the overall performance of students in this school compared to - a group of students from across the state whose characteristics match this school’s students.

Table 2. 2000-2001 Student Results in Comparison to Similar Students Statewide

Students at Oak Haven School perform below similar students on all subtests of the 2001 New Standards Reference Examination except math skills and problem solving. This may be a puzzle that the school should study further, given the quite high level of performance overall.

Results across student groups within the school

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