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The Pursuit of excellence

An integral part of the home of more recent origins, the bathroom has gradually become one of the most interesting places, where people now freely expand their imaginary. Jaquar, the market leader of bath fittings in India understands this. With our passion for constant innovation, we have created masterpieces for the bathroom,

both large and small, that have really interesting, amusing, poetic designs.

Our designs vary from the minimalist to the very magnificent. They are elegant and stylish and take bathroom decor to the next level.

A master of the refined form – that’s Jaquar for you.

Our Philosophy

With innovative designs, a commitment to customer service and an enviable reputation

within the industry, our aim is to ultimately delight consumers and win their confidence.

At Jaquar, the pursuit of excellence is never-ending.

Our Technology

At Jaquar, we believe that it is our judicious mix of an ultra modern technological set-up and the finest human resources which not only generates products of the finest quality but also an optimal level of cost economies for our Company.

  • One of the most advanced plant and machinery at its factories, sourced from top Global manufacturers.

  • A well-equipped Research & Development Center to carry out design functions and define technical specifications.

  • An entirely in-house production process, for tight control over the minutest of details of the production process and the highest quality at every stage - from the fabrication of components to the finishing and polishing to putting together the final product.

  • Advanced Silica Core Technology guarantees defect-free, even finish and uniform wall thickness on the inside section of the products.

  • Entire machining carried out on fully automatic and semi-automatic high-speed high precision machines.

  • Auto polishing machines, grinding machines and a highly advanced chemical

coating plant ensure excellent finish.

  • The testing laboratory is equipped with Pneumatic Testing Machines and

Endurance Test machines to test the life cycle of the product.

T h e w i d e s t , m o s t c o m p r e h e n s i v e r a n g e o f b a t h f i t t i n g s , r a n g i n g f r o m t h e

multi-turn to quarter-turn, single lever and sensor products to the ultimate in high

technology, the thermostatic products.

  • All Jaquar products are of international quality and meet with the BSEN 200


Our Manufacturing Units

  • Two ultra modern manufacturing units spread across 43,000 sq.mtrs. with a manufacturing capacity of 60,000 units a day and a third unit with area of 48,000 sq. mtrs. will be ready by the end of this year.


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