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Part A

Monday, June 25 – This will be a travel day for those who need more time to get to Mexico.  By the evening of June 25 the majority of our group will be in or near Mesa (Arizona).  Free lodging will be provided in Mesa if needed.  It is possible that traveling through Mesa will not be the best travel route for some.  Other meeting locations can be arranged for those who need help crossing the border and traveling inside Mexico.

Tuesday, June 26 – We will travel to Mexico and cross the border.  By late afternoon or early evening we should arrive in Colonia Morelos (in the State of Sonora).  Where we will stay for the night will be determined when we arrive there.  As you can see the adventure begins on the first day in the remote mountains of Mexico.

Wednesday, June 27 – During the morning we will explore Colonia Morelos and Colonia Oaxaca, the names of those buried in the cemeteries will be recorded, and Colonia San Jose will be visited if there is time.  Shortly after noon we will head for Colonia Juarez.  If the road through Pulpit Pass is not too bad we will take this route as it might be the shortest route to Colonia Juarez.  If anyone reading this announcement has any information about the road through Pulpit pass please contact Dan Jarvis immediately.  In route to Colonia Juarez we will pass through Colonia Dublan.  By early evening we should arrive in Colonia Juarez.  Lodging is already arranged for our group in either the Ed and Gail Whetten apartments or the Calvin and Lavern Price home.

Thursday, June 28 – This will be a day to rest and relax.  The whole day will be open for visiting friends and relatives, getting acquainted with Colonia Juarez, and for exploring many of the nearby historical sites.  Interesting sites include the Colonia Juarez Temple, the Juarez Academy, the Swinging Bridge, the Harper Hotel, the Nic, and much more.  

Friday, June 29 – Many sites will be explored including Mata Ortiz (Pearson), the Juan Quesada pottery gallery, Colonia Guadalupe, Colonia Dublan (including the cemetery), old haciendas once owned by Luis Terrazas (the governor of the State of Chihuahua during the early 1900’s).  If there is time we can tour the Paquime Indian Ruins.

Part A and Part B (Combined)

Saturday, June 30 – For those staying for only part A this will be the day to travel home.  All who are participating in only part B should arrive in Colonia Juarez by the end of the day.  Everyone else can spend this day in any way they choose.  There are always people to visit and things to see.  This will be the best day to prepare for the trip into the mountains on Monday morning.

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