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    Telephone service is available in Colonia Juarez.  At the ranch in Colonia Pacheco there is a radio that can be used for emergency communications.   Cell phones might work in some of the areas where we will be traveling.


    There are paved roads all the way to Colonia Juarez, but the dirt roads up in the mountains are a little rough in a some places.  The dirt roads were in fair shape last year, but there is no guarantee they will be the same this year.  Most any standard truck, suburban, or large van should make it to Pacheco without any trouble.  Two or three extra inches of clearance under a vehicle can really make a difference, so keep this in mind as vehicles are selected for the trip. Standard minivans were used by a few of our group members last year.  Due to the many times they hit rocks in the road it is highly suggested that those who go take vehicles that are a little higher in profile.

    Some of the people going on the trip might be flying part way and may need to ride with someone.   If possible please take vehicles with extra seats for those who need rides.  Those who ride with others can help pay for gasoline and reduce the cost to the vehicle owner.  Four-wheel drive is great, but it is not required for any part of the trip.

    The distance from Mesa (AZ) to Colonia Juarez is approximately 400 miles.  With the trip up into the mountains and the return trip home the total miles for the trip will be from 900 to 1000.  Any who are traveling from other areas can increase or decrease their mileage estimate depending on where they begin their trip and how many side trips are planned.


    All lodging for the trip has been arranged.  In Colonia Juarez we will stay in either a large facility owned by Ed and Gail Whetten or in a home owned by Calvin and Lavern Price.  The Whetten facility consists of a complex of apartments, bedrooms, bunks, beds, kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry facilities.  The Price home consists of bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry facilities.  Some of you might have friends or relatives in Colonia Juarez with whom you may choose to stay.   You will need to make your own arrangements if you choose to stay with them or in their homes.  You might be a little more comfortable staying somewhere else, but you will surely miss some of the visiting and sharing of histories.  The choice is yours.

    There will be a small daily fee (per person) for the use of the two facilities in Colonia Juarez.  A group our size uses quite a bit of water, electricity and propane.  The daily fee will only be charged for the six nights we are actually in Colonia Juarez.  The daily fees are as follows:

                   Ages 0 to 3 – No charge

                   Ages 4 to 12 - $5 per child/per day

                   Ages 13 and older - $10 per adult/per day

                   The maximum daily fee for a large family is $40

    In Colonia Pacheco we will be camping on the Jarvis Ranch at the base of Temple Hill.  A few tents and cots will be provided and might already be set up. Some of the group members who are flying part way can use these tents.  Most of us will need to take tents.  Large trees provide shade and places to pitch our tents.  Everyone will need to take sleeping bags and anything else desired for comfort. There are two bathrooms with showers available at the campground.  The bathrooms have running water and regular flush toilets.  Cold showers are always available, but warm showers are possible.  Water comes from a well at the ranch.  Jim Jarvis says the water is good and perfectly clean and safe for drinking.  Please take your own water if you do not feel comfortable drinking the water at the ranch or anywhere else in Mexico.  There is no electricity at the ranch or anywhere else in the mountains.  There will be no charge for staying at the Jarvis Ranch.

    The facilities in Colonia Morelos and Colonia Garcia are not known.  This is part of the adventure of traveling to unfamiliar places in a foreign country.  Dealing with the unexpected really made the trip last year a very memorable experience.

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