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Description: The 24VAC EM-7 and 24VAC/24VDC EM-6 hoist way door combination - page 2 / 2





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the door continues to open. As the cam continues to rotate, switch #2 opens causing the solenoid to de-energize. The lock pin drops and rides on the outside diameter of the cam. With the lock pin in the raised position (door unlocked), switch #3 (and switch #4 on the EM-5) is pen which disables the common control safety circuit. As the lock bar clears the lock, the spring goes slightly over the center and the cam remains in the open or unlocked position. Closing the door reverses the procedure. When in the closed position, the spring acts to maintain the door closed and switch #1 is depressed. The EM-(7,6) S1 is the same as the EM-(7,6) except for the addition of a 4th terminal and a small notch cut in the outer edge of the rotating cam. The EM-S1 is used in conjunction with a standard EM-assembly when 2 doors on the same floor are to be interlocked.

Terms and Conditions:

The above-described electro-mechanical



interlocking devices are accepted under the following conditions:

  • 1.

    The interlock device shall be installed and adjusted as per manufacturer’s instruction and subject to the approval of the Elevator Inspection Department at the installation site.

  • 2.

    Approval of all electrical equipment, apparatus, materials and devices shall be obtained from the Department’s Electrical Advisory Board before installation.

3. All shipments and deliveries of such equipment shall be provided with a metal tag, suitably placed, certifying that the equipment shipped or delivered is equivalent to that tested and accepted for use, as provided in Section 27-131 of the New York City Building Code.

Note: In accordance with Section 27-131(d), all materials tested and accepted for use shall be subject to periodic retesting as determined by the Commissioner; and any material which upon retesting is found not to comply with Code requirements or the

requirements set forth in for the use intended. require the use of such safety.

the approval of the Commissioner, shall cease to be acceptable During the period for such retesting, the Commissioner may material to be restricted or discontinued if necessary to secure

MEA 367-02-M Vol. 2

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