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  • 1618-48: THE THIRTY YEARS WAR spurs an expansion of smoking. (AHS)

  • 1618-48: ENGLAND: SIR WALTER RALEIGH, popularizer of tobacco in England, is

beheaded for treason. Upon Ralegh's tobacco box, found in his cell afterwards, is the inscription, "Comes meus fuit illo miserrimo tempo." ("It was my comfort in those miserable times.")

  • 1619: ENGLAND: An unhappy King James I incorporates British pipe makers; London clay

pipe makers were formed into a charter body with a coat of arm of a Moor holding a pipe and roll of tobacco. (TSW)

  • 1619: JAMESTOWN: First Africans brought into Virginia. John Rolfe writes in his diary,

"About the last of August came in a dutch man of warre that sold us twenty negars." They were needed for the booming tobacco crop, but had been baptized, so--as Christians--they could not be enslaved for life, but only indentured, just like many of the English colonists, for 5-7 years

  • 1619: ECONOMY: Tobacco is being used as currency. It will continue to be so used for 200

years in Virginia, for 150 years in Maryland, adjusting to the vagaries of shifting values and varying qualities. (see 1727, "Tobacco Notes")

  • 1619: JAMESTOWN: First shipment of women--meant to become wives for the settlers--

arrives. A prospective husband must pay for his chosen mate's passage with 120 lbs. of tobacco.

  • 1619-07-30: JAMESTOWN: The first representative legislative assembly in America is held.

The Virginia Colony's General Assembly meets in the choir of the Jamestown church from July 30-August 4. This assembly contained the embryo of representative self-government. The first law passed is a law concerning the economics of the tobacco trade: tobacco shall not be sold for under 3 shillings per pound.

  • 1619-12-04: BERKELEY, VA: The very first American Thanksgiving celebrates a good

tobacco crop. The holiday was abandoned after the Indian Massacre of 1622.

  • 1620s: KOREA: Within only a few decades, tobacco has become a national pastime.

  • 1620: ENGLAND: 40,000 lbs of tobacco are imported from Virginia. (LB)

  • 1620: ENGLAND: King James proclaims rules of tobacco growing and import. The rules: --

ban tobacco growing in Britain; --limit tobacco sales to 100 weight of tobacco per man; --restrict imports to Virginia colony, and --establish stamps or seals. Quanity has risen and quality has declined so drastically that growers could get no more than 3 shillings/lb. James suggested colonists concentrate more on corn, livestock and potash.

  • 1620: BUSINESS: SPAIN: The wold's first tobacco processing plant is constructed in Seville.

  • 1620: BUSINESS: Trade agreement between the Crown & Virginia Company bans

commercial tobacco growing in England, in return for a 1 shilling/lb. duty on Virginia tobacco.

  • 1620 (about): JAPAN: Prohibition in Japan (AHS)

  • 1621: Sixty future wives arrive in Virginia and sell for 150 pounds of tobacco each. Price up

since 1619.(TSW)

  • 1621: ENGLAND: Tobias Venner publishes "A briefe and accurate treatise,

comcerning....tobacco" claiming medicinal properties, but condeming use for pleasure. (LB)

  • 1624: REGULATION: POPE URBAN VIII threatens excommunication for snuff users;

sneezing is thought too close to sexual ecstasy

  • 1624: ENGLAND establishes a royal tobacco monopoly.

  • 1624: NEW YORK CITY is born. The town of New Amsterdam was established on lower

Manhattan At this time, what is now Greenwich Village is an Indian village known to Native Americans as (var.) Sapponckanican-- "tobacco fields," or "land where the tobacco grows." (Var. spellings: "Sapokanikan," according to Stokes, "The Iconography of Manhattan Island 1498-1909," "Sopokanikan," according to a map in Homberger, "Historical Atlas of New York City.") The Dutch continued the tradition; in the 17th century, tobacco farms lined both sides of what is now Christopher Street.

  • 1628: REGULATION: SHAH SEFI punishes two merchants for selling tobacco by pouring

hot lead down their throats. (TSW)


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