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  • 2000: BUSINESS: US MARKET SHARE: Top Brands:

    • 1.

      Marlboro, Philip Morris, 35.4

    • 2.

      Doral, R.J. Reynolds, 6.3

    • 3.

      Newport, Lorillard, 6.2

    • 4.

      Camel, R.J. Reynolds, 5.3

    • 5.

      Winston, R.J. Reynolds, 5.2

    • 6.

      Basic, Philip Morris, 4.9

    • 7.

      GPC, Brown & Williamson, 4.7

    • 8.

      Kool, Brown & Williamson, 3.3

    • 9.

      Salem, R.J. Reynolds, 3.2

    • 10.

      Virginia Slims, Philip Morris, 2.6

Source: R.J. Reynolds, January 2000

  • 2000: CONSUMPTION: US has a per capita smoking rate of 1,551 cigarettes, down from the

high of 2,905 cigarettes in 1976. (The Tax Burden on Tobacco, Historical Compilation Volume 35, 2000)

  • 2000: CONSUMPTION: 29.7% of high school senior girls report having smoked within the

last 30 days. 32.8% of high school senior boys report having smoked within the last 30 days.(U. of Mich, 2000)

  • 2000: Reducing Tobacco Use: A Report of the Surgeon General

  • 2000: JAPAN: Emperor Arkihito ends the tradition (begun by Hirohito in 1964) of giving out

cigarettes to his staff on his birthday.

  • 2000: BUSINESS: Richemont reduces its effective interest in British American Tobacco to 21

per cent through partial disposal of holding of preference shares.

  • 2000: SPORTS: CANADA: Last LPGA du Maurier Classic, a women's major golf

tournament since 1979, is held; event folds due to advertising restrictions.

  • 2000-01-19: CANADA: Health Minister Unveils Gruesome Labels. Images of cancerous

lungs, diseased mouths, and droopy cigarettes imitating limp penises are among a series of 16 new visual warnings that will have to cover half of each cigarette pack sold in Canada under regulatory reforms unveiled on Jan 19 by Health Minister Allan Rock.

  • 2000-02: American Legacy Foundation launches "truth" campaign led by teens.

  • 2000-02-16: Farmers sue tobacco companies in a $69 billion lawsuit seeking to recover

damages they say were caused by the industry's settlement with the U.S. government.

  • 2000-02-08: Wholesalers and distributors file suit against major tobacco companies, accusing

them of collusion/price fixing because they raised cigarette prices "by the exact amount" during 1997 and 1998.

  • 2000-02-21: CANADA: B.C. Supreme Court rules province's lawsuit against tobacco

companies is unconstitutional

  • 2000-03-02: REGULATION: Philip Morris VP Steven Parrish calls for government

regulation of tobacco. At a CASA conference, Parrish shared the podium and discussion with Dr. David Kessler, and said that nicotine is an addictive drug and that the Food and Drug Administration should regulate tobacco, PM said it still opposes FDA regulation of nicotine as a drug.

  • 2000-03-20: LITIGATION: Whiteley Jurors find against Tobacco California Superior Court jury finds that the Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds acted with malice, knew about the health hazards of smoking and deliberately misled the public about those dangers. It also found that the two companies committed fraud.



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