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  • 2000-03-21: LITIGATION: SCOTUS: US Supreme Court Rules 5-4 against FDA Regulation

of Tobacco "No matter how important, conspicuous, and controversial the issue, and regardless of how likely the public is to hold the Executive Branch politically accountable, an administrative agency's power to regulate in the public interest must always be grounded in a valid grant of authority from Congress. " http://supct.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/98-1152.ZS.html

  • 2000-03-27: LITIGATION: Whiteley jury orders Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco

Co. to pay $1.7 Million in compensatory and $20 million in punitive damages.

  • 2000-03-29: LITIGATION: Federal jury rules UST violated antitrust laws; U.S. Tobacco Co

ordered to pay $1.05 billion to Conwood. The Kentucky jury awarded $350 million in damages to Conwood; U.S. District Judge Thomas Russell trebled that amount pursuant to federal law. Conwood charged that UST had engaged in anti-competitive business practices in trying to control point-of-sale advertising, including vandalizing and removing Conwood in-store display racks. After a monthlong trial, the jury deliberated for almost four hours on Tuesday before setting damages at $350 million against Greenwich, Conn.-based U.S. Tobacco. Under federal antitrust laws, the damages were automatically tripled.

  • 2000-04-07: LITIGATION: Engle Jury Awards 3 Smokers $12.7 Million in damages;

punitives yet to be decided.

  • 2000-04-20: BUSINESS: RJR Markets "Eclipse" cigarette as healthier alternative.

  • 2000-05-31: World No-Tobacco

  • 2000-06-04: US Department of Transportation bans smoking on all US international flights.

Day Slogan: Tobacco kills - Don't be duped

  • 2000-06-25: BUSINESS: Philip Morris Cos. agrees to acquire Nabisco Holdings Corp. for

$18.9 billion.

  • 2000-07-14: LITIGATION: Engle Jury Awards Florida Smokers Punitive Damages of $145

Billion--the biggest judgment in U.S. history.

  • 2000-08-20: SPORTS: CANADA: Last du Maurier Open women's tennis tournament is held;

event folds due to advertising restrictions.

  • 2000-08-27: LITIGATION: Russia Sues Tobacco in Miami-Dade County court, Florida,

charging Philip Morris and other tobacco companies with causing suffering to Russian smokers, hiding the risks of cigarettes, and damaging Russia's economy.

  • 2000-08: BUSINESS: RJR spins out Targacept. A world leader in neuronal nicotinic receptor

(NNR) research and development, Targacept is dedicated to the design, discovery and development of a new class of drugs that will treat Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, ulcerative colitis and others. The business was begun out of RJR's 1982 program investigating the effects of nicotine on the human body.

  • 2000-09-18: UK: FORMULA 1 SCANDAL: Journalist Andrew Rawnsley, in newspaper

exerpts from his book, Servants Of The People, alleges that Chancellor Gordon Brown and PM Tony Blair lied in television interviews about details of Labour's 1m donation from Bernie Ecclestone.

  • 2000-09-29: REGULATION: South Africa's Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act

comes into effect, strictly regulating smoking and advertising.

  • 2000-10-12: LITIGATION: JONES: A Florida jury decides that the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco

Co. was responsible for the death of Robert Jones' wife Suzanne M. Jones, and awards


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