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  • 2001-01-19: George Bush is inaugurated as United States President. His cabinet nominees

include WI Gov. Tommy Thompson for Secretary of Health and Human Services, John Ashcroft as Attorney General, and Gale Norton as Secretary of the Interior

  • 2001-01-22: LITIGATION: WV: Blankenship "medical monitoring" trial is declared a

mistrial when witness Farone inadvertently references the verboten subject: addiction. Ohio County Circuit Judge Arthur Recht had said a few days earlier, "I guarantee I'm smarter now than I was a month ago. As the case goes on you get a clearer picture, and it is clear now: Addiction is, I believe, a necessary element in this case -- the inability to quit."

  • 2001-01-24: LITIGATION: 3 Countries Sue Tobacco Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan file in


  • 2001-02-22: "Clearing the Smoke: Assessing the Science Base for Tobacco Harm Reduction,

" a new report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies, is released. Products developed to lessen the risk of disease by reducing exposure to toxic chemicals are scientifically feasible, but in the absence of rigorous research, no one knows if these products decrease the incidence of tobacco-related disease or actually increase it by encouraging smoking. The report outlines how tried-and-true public health tools -- research, surveillance, communication, and regulation -- should be used to ensure that the availability of these products confers less risk to the individual and to the population as a whole compared with conventional tobacco products. It recommends a regulatory strategy to assure that these products reduce risk of disease

  • 2001-03-08: LITIGATION: Grady Carter collects $1.1 million from Brown & Williamson

Tobacco Corp. The payment, covering a 1996 jury award of $750,000 plus interest, represents the first time an individual collected payment from the tobacco industry for a tobacco-related illness.

  • 2001-03-15: YOUTH: OH: State law banning tobacco possession by minors goes into effect.

  • 2001-04-05: LITIGATION: FL: Miami jury finds cigarette manufacturers not liable for the

lung diseases of former TWA flight attendant Marie Fontana. This was the first individual case (out of about 3200 filed) after the Broin settlement.

  • 2001-04-16: LITIGATION: FL: Florida state court judge rules that he would dismiss the

lawsuit brought by Ecuador against US manufacturers.

  • 2001-05-01: Australian barmaid wins AU$450G from employer in ETS case. In NSW

Supreme Court, Mrs. Marlene Sharp sued the Port Kembla RSL for negligence claiming her cancer was caused by years of breathing other people's smoke while working at the club between 1984 and 1995. The four-man jury took about four hours to decide the club had been negligent.

  • 2001-05-16: LITIGATION: NJ: jury finds Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds not liable in the

Mehlman personal lawsuit (Mehlman v. Philip Morris, et. al.)

  • 2001-05-18: CHINA: BAT and China Tobacco Corporation enter into joint venture resulting

in the Sino-British Cigarette Sales Co.

  • 2001-05-22: LITIGATION: US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit throws out Service

Employees International Union Health and Welfare Fund, Guatemala, Nicauragua and Ukraine suits.

  • 2001-05-31: RELIGION: LEBANON: Senior Shiite Muslim cleric Grand Ayatollah

Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah issues a religious edict (fatwa) ordering his followers to stop smoking. ''A smoker is committing two crimes, one against himself and the other against the one inhaling next to him," he tells AP.


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