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  • 2001-06-04: LITIGATION: NY: Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield wins up to $17.8 Million for

deceptive business practices regarding smoking and asbestos exposure from Philip Morris, RJR, Lorillard and Liggett.

  • 2001-06-05: LITIGATION: CANADA: Ex-cigarette salesman Joe Battaglia loses his $6,000

case against Imperial Tobacco

  • 2001-06-01: REGULATION: CANADA: Toronto's strict indoor smoking law goes into

effect. Bars will be added August 1.

  • 2001-06-06: LITIGATION: CA: Jury awards Richard Boeken $3 Billion in suit against Philip

Morris in Los Angeles. Amount is later reduced to $100 Million.

  • 2001-06-07: LITIGATION: Federal judge throws out NY State law banning internet or mail

order cigarette sales directly to consumers. Judge Loretta A. Preska of the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, says in a 77-page opinion that the state law "discriminates" and is "protectionist," and "constitutionally impermissible" because it favors local tobacco retailers over out-of-state competitors. (B&W v. Pataki)

  • 2001-06-13: BUSINESS: Philip Morris sells off 16% of Kraft. The Kraft Foods (KFT) IPO

begins trading at $31, and ends the day at $31.25, raising $8.68 billion in the nation's second- largest initial public offering ever. Philip Morris keeps 275 million Class A shares and all 1.18 billion of the Class B shares in Kraft, thus retaining almost 98% of voting rights in Kraft. For many analysts, the "tobacco taint" remains.

  • 2001-06-19: LITIGATION: Dept. of Justice assembles a team to negotiate a settlement over

its racketeering lawsuit.

  • 2001-06-22: BUSINESS: Gallaher acquires Austria Tabak..

  • 2001-06-28: SCOTUS: US Supreme Court bars Mass. ad restrictions.

  • 2001-06-29: SCOTUS: CARTER: US Supreme Court denies B&W petition; $750,000 award

stands. B&W pays Carter $1.1 M

  • 2001-06-29: LITIGATION: FALISE: Manville Trust drops asbestos lawsuit.

  • 2001-07-16: CZECH REPUBLIC: News reports reveal that Philip Morris released to the

government a PM-commissioned Arthur D. Little report which concluded that smokers save the state money--by dying early. While the Czech media yawns, other international media provide heavy coverage and extremely negative commentary.

  • 2001-07-24: Philip Morris CEO Geoffrey Bible writes a letter to US Senator Diane

Feinstein.apologizing for the Arthur D. Little report.

  • 2001-07-25: Steven C. Parrish, a senior vice president, apologizes for the Arthur D. Little

report, saying in a Wall St. Journal interview, "We understand that this was not only a terrible mistake, but that it was wrong. . . To say it's totally inappropriate is an understatement."

  • 2001-07-26: Philip Morris publicly apologizes for the Arthur D. Little report. The statment

reads, "For one of our tobacco companies to commission this study was not just a terrible mistake, it was wrong. All of us at Philip Morris, no matter where we work, are extremely sorry for this. No one benefits from the very real, serious and significant diseases caused by smoking. We understand the outrage that has been expressed and we sincerely regret this extraordinarily unfortunate incident. We will continue our efforts to do the right thing in all our businesses, acknowledging mistakes when we make them and learning from them as we go forward."

  • 2001-08-08: BAT breaks into South Korean market; announces plans to invest $1bn in South

Korean cigarette operations, beginning with a new $80M factory, BAT becomes the first foreign company to break KTG's monopoly.

  • 2001-08-09: LITIGATION: Judge reduces Boeken award from $3B to $100M, denies Philip

Morris a new trial. The jury plainly, and with substantial evidentiary support, found Philip Morris's conduct reprehensible. The record fully supports findings that Philip Morris knew by the late 1950s and early 1960s that the nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive, that substances in cigarette tar cause lung cancer, and that no substantial medical or scientific doubt


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