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  • 2001-12-11: BUSINESS: RJ Reynolds Tobacco Holdings Inc. buys Santa Fe Natural Tobacco

Co. for $340M in cash. Santa Fe makes Natural American Spirit cigarettes, which contain no additives.

  • 2001-12-13: BUSINESS: RJ Reynolds Tobacco Holdings Inc. signs merger deal with Santa

Fe Natural Tobacco Co.


  • 2002: MARKET SHARE: RJRT's total market share for 2002 is 22.93%.

  • 2002: SMOKEFREE: MN: Olmstead County bans smoking in restaurants.

  • 2002: SMOKEFREE: South Dakota bans smoking in restaurants. Exempts bars and

restaurants licensed to sell liquor.

  • 2002-01-01: SMOKEFREE: Oregon's Smokefree Workplace law goes into effect. It requires

almost all employers to ensure their workplaces are smokefree and display "No Smoking" signs. Exceptions include bars, taverns, bar/restaurant combinations, bingo parlors, tobacco stores, bowling alleys and hotel and motel rooms designated as smoking rooms.

  • 2002-01-08: LEGISLATION: President Bush signs into law the Safe and Drug-Free Schools

and Communities Act. In a section titled the "Pro-Children Act of 2001," the new law bans smoking within any indoor facility owned or leased or contracted for and utilized for routine or regular kindergarten, elementary, or secondary education or library services to children. See: http://www.ed.gov/offices/OESE/esea/

  • 2002-01-16: BUSINESS: RJR Completes acquisition of Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co.

  • 2002-02-22: LITIGATION: Burton wins suit in Kansas. RJR and B&W are found guilty of

failing to warn about the risks of smoking before warning labels appeared in the 1960s. Jurors found that David Burton's peripheral vascular disease (PVD), which caused him to lose both his legs, was caused by smoking. They ordered R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. to pay $196,416 in compensatory damages and Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. to pay $1,984 for Burton's medical bills and economic losses. Reynolds also was found liable for punitive damages for fraudulently concealing the risks and addictiveness of smoking, according to the unanimous verdict. This is the first time the industry has lost 1) in the MidWest; 2) in a federal court (except for Cipollone, which was overturned on appeal); 3) in connection with PVD.

  • 2002-02-19: NY: LITIGATION: EU Suit against RJR, Philip Morris is dismissed. Judge rules

the US Revenue Rule precludes tax recovery, but suggests EU may file on money-laundering violations.

  • 2002-02-21: REGULATION: President Bush signs into law the Shays/Meehan-McCain

Feingold Campaing Finance Reform bill.

  • 2002-03-22: LITIGATION: Oregon Jury finds for Marlene Schwartz; finds Philip Morris lied

on "light" cigarettes, orders company to Pay $150 M. Award will be cut to $100 M in May.

  • 2002-03-22: LITIGATION: AUSTRALIA: Victoria Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Eames

enters default judgement for McCabe, finding British American Tobacco Australia Services Ltd.'s 1998 destruction of 30,000 documents --plus an untold number since 1985--deprived her of a fair trial. The 133-page decision was sealed until a jury decides on damages. Decision is now at: http://www.tobacco.org/Documents/020322mccabe.html

  • 2002-04-11: LITIGATION: AUSTRALIA Melbourne Jury awards McCabe $AU700,000;

Eames' 3/22 decision is made public.

  • 2002-04-11: SOUTH KOREA: The National Cancer Center (NCC) officially confirms that

smoking causes lung cancer.

  • 2002-04-11: CDC estimates smoking health and productivity costs reach $150 billion a year,

according to a new study published in this week's WMMR. CDC estimated the total cost of 106

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