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smoking at $3,391 a year for every smoker, and even itemized the per-pack health/productivity costs at $7.18 per pack. Further, it estimated the smoking-related medical costs at $3.45 per pack, and job productivity lost because of premature death from smoking at $3.73 per pack.

  • 2002-05: LITIGATION: Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Conrad Aragon fines RJR $14.8

Million for illegally handing out free cigarettes at events like street fairs and car races where children are present.

  • 2002-05: U.S. appeals court affirms a lower court's decision and orders UST to pay a $1.05

billion award for illegally monopolizing the market for moist snuff.

  • 2002-05-31: World No-Tobacco Day. Slogan: "Tobacco-Free Sports: Play it Clean."

  • 2002-06-05: LITIGATION: WILLIAMS: Oregon Court of Appeals reinstates $80B Williams

award. "[D]efendant's narrow focus on the ratio between punitive and compensatory damages ignores the underlying purpose for awarding punitive damages, which is to punish and deter a wrongdoer. The reprehensibility of the defendant's actions, the number of people affected or potentially affected, and indications that the defendant will not change its actions without punishment are all relevant factors. It is also clear that the defendant's wealth is an important consideration; an award that might be a serious punishment for one defendant could be only a minor inconvenience for another."

  • 2002-06-06: LITIGATION: California judge fines RJR $20 million for violating the 1998

tobacco settlement by targeting youths in a magazine advertising campaign. The campaign appeared in a number of youth-oriented magazines such as Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, etc. "RJR saw itself losing market share, especially to Philip Morris, and believed it had to be more aggressive than the other tobacco companies in its advertising so as not to lose any more market share even though the likely effect of these efforts was to cause significant exposure to youth . . It was, or should have been apparent to the skillful and bright people who managed RJR's multimillion-dollar, sophisticated print advertising campaign that youth were exposed to tobacco advertising at levels substantially similar to targeted adult smokers.'' San Diego County Superior Court Judge Ronald Prager wrote in his opinion.

  • 2002-06-17: CANADA: Canadian federal government and provinces hike cigarette taxes.

Prices near 1994 levels.

  • 2002-06-18: LITIGATION: Florida jury rules for French in Broin spinoff; nation's first award

over secondhand smoke. In a Broin spinoff case, the jury in Circuit Court in Miami found for Lynn French, a flight attendant who claimed her chronic sinusitis was the result of exposure to secondhand smoke while working on flights in the 1970s and 80s, and awarded her $5.5M in damages. 2 previous Broin cases were not successful.

  • 2002-06-23: TOBACCO CONTROL: FRANCE: French health officials air ad warning about

the ingredients in a "dangerous product." Half a million people call the hotline to learn what the product is: cigarettes.

  • 2002-07-01: HI: Honolulu smoking ban goes into effect, prohibiting smoking in all

workplaces, restaurants and bars within restaurants.

  • 2002-07-02: FDA Forbids sale of Quick Test 5's "Nico Water," ruling the product is a quit-

smoking drug, not a dietary supplement.

  • 2002-08-02: NBA drops Lorillard as a sponsor of its youth "Hoop-It-Up" tournament.

Lorillard was promoting its "Tobacco is Whacko if You're a Teen" program.

  • 2002-08-05: LITIGATION: California Supreme Court rules on legislators' "Napkin Deal"

intentions, allows 10-year window of immunity: Smokers can't sue over industry conduct between 1988 and 1998, unless they claim additives to cigarettes increased the danger. (Myers v. Philip Morris Cos. Inc - http://www.tobacco.neu.edu/PR/supportdocs/myers_decision.htm., Naegele v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. - http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/opinions/documents/S090420.PDF)


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