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  • 1629: FRANCE: RICHELIEU puts a Customs duty on the import of tobacco.

  • 1629: Niewu Amsterdam's Gov. Wouter Van Twiller appropriates a farm belonging to the

Dutch West India Company in the Bossen Bouwery ("Farm in the woods") area of Manhattan, in what is now Greenwich Village, and begins growing tobacco. The Minetta Spring provides water.

  • 1630: SWEDEN learns to smoke.(AHS)

  • 1631: AGRICULTURE: European-style cultivation of tobacco begins in Maryland

  • 1632: SMOKEFREE: MASSACHUSETTS forbids public smoking

  • 1633: AGRICULTURE: CONNECTICUT is settled; first tobacco crop raised in Windsor.

  • 1633: REGULATION: TURKEY: Sultan Murad IV orders tobacco users executed as infidels.

As many as 18 a day were executed. Some historians consider the ban an anti-plague measure, some a fire-prevention measure. It is rescinded 10 years later by Murad's successor.

  • 1634: REGULATION: RUSSIA: Czar Alexis creates penalties for smoking: 1st offense is

whipping, a slit nose, and trasportation to Siberia. 2nd offense is execution.(TSW) (BD)

  • 1634: REGULATION: EUROPE: Greek Church claims that it was tobacco smoke that

intoxicated Noah and so bans tobacco use.(TSW)

  • 1635: AGRICULTURE: FRANCE: The first tobacco farms are begun in Clairac.

  • 1635: REGULATION: FRANCE: King allows sale of tobaccco only following prescription

by physician.(TSW)

  • 1636: BUSINESS: SPAIN: Tabacalera, the oldest tobacco company in the world, is created.

States General of Spain establishes Tabacalera as a government monopoly over the production and sale of tobacco in the Kingdoms of Castilla and León.

  • 1637: REGULATION: FRANCE: King Louis XIII enjoys snuff and repeals restricions on its


  • 1638: REGULATION: CHINA: Use or distribution of tobacco is made a crime punishable by

decapitation. Snuff, introduced by the Jesuits in the mid-17th century, soon became quite popular, from the court on down, and remained so during much of the Qing dynasty (mid-17th century - 1912.)

  • 1639: SMOKEFREE: NEW YORK CITY: Governor Kieft bans smoking in New Amsterdam

  • 1640s: BHUTAN: Bhutan's first ban on smoking in public enacted by the warrior monk

Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, the founder of modern Bhutan. He outlaws the use of tobacco in government buildings.

  • 1640: What is now Greenwich Village, NY, is known to Native Americans as (var.)

Sapponckanican-- "tobacco fields," or "land where the tobacco grows." Washington Square Park was essentially marshland, fed by the Minetta Creek. In 1629, Niewu Amsterdam's Gov. Wouter Van Twiller appropriated a farm belonging to the Dutch West India Company in the Bossen Bouwery ("Farm in the woods") area of Manhattan island, and began growing tobacco. The first Dutch references to the Indians' name for the area appear around 1640. As the city developed, both sides of what is now Christopher St. were lined with tobacco farms.

  • 1642: POPE URBAN VIII'S Bull against smoking in the churches in Seville. (AHS)

  • 1643: SMOKEFREE: RUSSIA: Tsar Michael of Russia has declared smoking a deadly sin.

Arrested smokers are flogged or have their lips slit. A visitor writes, 'Those convicted of taking snuff, both men and women, can expect to have their noses taken away."

  • 1647: REGULATION: TURKEY: Tobacco ban is lifted by Murad IV's successor, Ibrahim the

Mad. Pecevi writes that tobaco has now joined coffee, wine and opium as one of the four "cushions on the sofa of pleasure."


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