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  • 2003-08-01: SMOKEFREE: CANADA: Halifax, NS, implements full smoking ban; bars are

required to have separately-ventilated smoking rooms.

  • 2003-08-11: LITIGATION: UK: Casino worker Michael Dunn, who blamed his asthma on

secondhand smoke, wins about £50,000 in an out-of-court settlement with Napoleon's Casino. This is thought to be the first such payout in the leisure/entertainment industry.

  • 2003-08-24: SMOKEFREE: OH: Toledo smoking ban goes into effect. It bans smoking in

bars and restaurants but allows for seperately-ventilated smoking lounges.

  • 2003-08-26: 26 Attorneys General write president of the Motion Pictures Association of

America (MPAA), urging him to help reduce smoking in the movies.

  • 2003-08-26: LITIGATION: FL: RJR Pays $196,000 to the estate of Floyd Kenyon, the 2nd

time an individual has collected payment from the tobacco industry for a tobacco-related illness.

  • 2003-09-01: SMOKEFREE: OK: Oklahoma's statewide workplace smoking ban goes into

effect. Businesses may create separately-ventilated smoking rooms. Bars are exempt. Restaurants have until March 1, 2006, to either go smoke-free or build fully enclosed, separately ventilated rooms for smokers.

  • 2003-09-01: SMOKEFREE: Alabama Clean Indoor Air Act goes into effect, prohibiting

smoking in hospitals, schools, most retail businesses, buses and taxis; bars, restaurants and most workplaces are exempt, but localities are not preempted from passing stronger laws. Wyoming is the only state without a statewide smokefree regulation.

  • 2003-09-23: LITIGATION: Florida appeals court refuses to rehear Engle case.

  • 2003-09-23: LITIGATION: CA: Appeals court slashes Henley award. California's First

District Court of Appeals cuts the $25 million Henly award to $9 million, citing the Supreme Court's April ruling on the relationship of punitive to compensatory damages.

  • 2003-10: RJR announces serious cutacks. The company says it will cut 2600 jobs, drop

marketing for Winston and Doral, and concentrate marketing efforts on its Camel and Salem brands.

  • 2003-10-01: European Union ban on the branding of cigarettes as "light" or "mild" takes

effect. Health warnings must cover 30% of the front, and 40% of the back of cigarette packs.

  • 2003-10-01: SMOKEFREE: Connecticut bar/restaurant smoking ban takes effect. Cafe's are


  • 2003-10-01: Wal-Mart reaches agreement with attorneys general to tighten controls against

cigarette sales to youth.

  • 2003-10-01: LITIGATION: Federal judge approves farmers' class-action settlement. About

500,000 tobacco growers had charged that tobacco companies conspired to rig bids at auctions. Philip Morris, B&W, Lorillard, Universal, Dimon and Standard agree to buy more than 400 million pounds of tobacco over the next 10 years and to pay farmers $200 million in cash. RJR did not participate in the settlement; its case will be heard in April, 2004.

  • 2003-10-02: LITIGATION: LA Times breaks story that Philip Morris settled a lawsuit over a

fire in May.

  • 2003-10-09: SMOKEFREE: MD: Montgomery County smoking ban - the strictest in

Maryland - goes into effect, after four years of political maneuvering and court battles.

  • 2003-10-27: RJR and BAT announce plans to merge B&W and RJR

  • 2003-11-21: LITIGATION: Solana Beach, CA, ban on beach smoking goes into effect. The

measure was finalized on Oct. 21. Other localities with beach smoking bans include Honolulu, HI, Carmel, NY, Sharon, MA, and Belmar, NJ. In 1992, Solana Beach was the first city in California to ban smoking in restaurants.

  • 2003-12-03: LITIGATION: NEW ZEALAND Parliament bans smoking. The Smokefree

Environments Amendment Bill bans smoking in schools, bars and other workplaces.

  • 2003-12-03: SMOKEFREE: WASHINGTON: The Tacoma-Pierce County Health

Department passes a smoking ban in all indoor spaces including restaurants and bars, thus setting up a challenge to Washington's 1985 preemptive "Clean Indoor Air Act."


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