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      AB 846, the Statewide Smoke-Free Entryway Law, prohibitrs smoking within 20 feet of public building entries/exits, including buildings in the UC, State University, and community college buildings. This extends the old smoking ban by 15 feet.

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        SB 10166 requires tobacco sales to be face-to-face. The new law effectively bans internet and mail-order out-of-state sales.

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        A new licensing plan will force tobacco retailers to pay $100 and wholesalers to pay $1,000 to fund stings aimed at black market and counterfeit operators.

  • 2004: CONSUMPTION: Global cigarette production declines 2.3% from 2003, to 5.5 trillion

units, the lowest since 1972. China produces 1.79 trillion cigarettes, 32% of the global total. USA produced 499 billion cigarettes, exporting 24% of them. Japan produced and imported 2,190 cigarettes per person, the highest ratio in the world.

  • 2004: SMOKEFREE: MA: Massachusetts bans smoking in restaurants.

  • 2004: SMOKEFREE: ID: Idaho bans smoking in restaurants

  • 2004: SMOKEFREE: ME: Maine bans smoking in all indoor spaces except private clubs,

which must vote on the issue in 2005.

  • 2004: SMOKEFREE: ND: Fargo and West Fargo ban smoking in restaurants.

  • 2004: SMOKEFREE: MN: Moorehead bans smoking in restaurants.

  • 2004-01-01: UK: British Heart Foundation launches massive anti-smoking campaign

featuring a lard-type substance oozing from cigarettes, emphasizing what happens inside a smoker's arteries.

  • 2004-01-02: SMOKEFREE: WA: Pierce County's smoking ban takes effect, banning smoking

in bars, restaurants, bowling alleys and non-tribal casinos.

  • 2004-01-26: LITIGATION: KENYON: RJR loses Supreme Court challenge. US Supreme

court refuses to review Florida judgment. RJR had already paid the $195,000 judgment while the appeal was pending, the first time RJR has paid damages in an individual product-liability lawsuit. RJR is the second to pay out, next to B&W. RJR is seeking an appeal in Florida.

  • 2004-02-01: SMOKEFREE: WV: Cabell County's smoking ban takes effect. Cabell-

Huntington Board of Health originally adopted the ban in December 2001. Businesses fought it in court. After two years of legal red tape, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ruled in December that the ban can take effect, banning smoking in all restaurants and workplaces with the exceptions of bingo halls, personal care homes and free-standing bars, or establishments where alcohol sales are more than 80 percent of sales.

  • 2004-02-25: UK Health Report Wanless Report Published. In April 2003, the Prime Minister,

the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Health asked Derek Wanless, ex-Group Chief Executive of NatWest, to provide an update of the challenges in implementing the fully engaged scenario set out in his report on long-term health trends. Derek Wanless' final report "Securing Good Health for the Whole Population," concluded that cutting smoking rates was "a key determinant of success" in meeting the Government's public health targets and that the National Health Service needed to shift its balance of effort towards prevention. He underlined the crucial importance of reducing smoking in improving the nation’s health.

  • 2004-02-01: UK: British Medical Association releases "Smoking and Reproductive Health"

report, detailing the damage smoking and passive smoking does to men women and children: impotence, infertility, cervical cancer, SIDS, etc.

  • 2004-02-01: Levels of movie smoking found to approximate levels of the 1950s.

  • 2004-03-11: SMOKEFREE: Fayetteville, AR, smoking ban goes into effect.

  • 2004-03-12: SMOKEFREE: UGANDA: Smoking ban announced. Environment Minister

Kahinda Otafiire announces a ban on smoking in restaurants, educational institutions and bars. Philip Karugaba said the minister is only implementing a court decision passed in December 2002. The ban will be almost universally ignored March, 2004, when police announce they are enforcing it.

  • 2004-03-29: SMOKEFREE: IRELAND: Complete public smoking ban goes into effect.


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