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  • 1647: SMOKEFREE: Colony of Connecticut bans public smoking: citizens may smoke only

once a day, "and then not in company with any other."

  • 1648: Smoking generally prohibited. Writers now hostile to it. (AHS)

  • 1650: SMOKEFREE: Colony of Connecticut General Court orders -- no smoking by person

under age of 21, no smoking except with physicians order.(TSW)

  • 1650: Spread of smoking in Austria. (AHS)

  • 1650: REGULATION: Pope Innocent X's Bull against smoking in St Peter's, Rome.(AHS)

  • 1657: SMOKEFREE: Prohibition in Switzerland.(AHS)

  • 1659: ITALY: VENICE establishes the first tobacco appalto. . . . a contract whereby the exclusive right to import, manufacture, and trade in tobacco was farmed out [by the state] to a private person for a certain consideration(AHS)

  • 1660: ITALY: Pope ALEXANDER VII farms out tobacco monopolies


returns to London from exile in Paris, bringing the French court's snuffing practice with them; snuff becomes an aristocratic form of tobacco use. During Charles' reign (1660-1685), the growing of tobacco in England, except for small lots in physic gardens, is forbidden so as to preserve the taxes coming in from Virginian imports..

  • 1660: The Navigation Act mandates that 7 enumerated items--one of which was tobacco--may

only be shipped to England or its colonies.

  • 1661: VIRGINIA Assembly begins institutionalizing slavery, making it de jure.

  • 1665-66: HEALTH: EUROPE: THE GREAT PLAGUE Smoking tobacco is thought to have

a protective effect. Smoking is made compulsory at Eton to ward off infection.

  • 1665: HEALTH: ENGLAND: Samuel Pepys describes a Royal Society experiment in which a

cat quickly dies when fed "a drop of distilled oil of tobacco."

  • 1666: AGRICULTURE: Maryland faces oversupply; bans production of tobacco for one year.

  • 1670: AUSTRIA: COUNT KHEVENHILLER's appalto is established.

  • 1672: MASSACHUSETTS: Chelmsford's "Laws and Liberties" contains this law: "No man

shall take any tobacco within 20 poles of any house not near any barn, hay cock, etc. (for prevention of fires) nor in any inn, except in a private room so that none take offense."

  • 1674: RUSSIA: Smoking Can Carry the Death Penalty.

  • 1674: FRANCE: LOUIS XIV establishes a tobacco monopoly.

  • 1675: SMOKEFREE: SWITZERLAND: The Berne town council establishes a special

Chambres de Tabac to deal with smokers, who face the same dire penalties as adulterers.

  • 1676: RUSSIA: the smoking ban is lifted.

  • 1676: TAXES: Heavy taxes levied in tobacco by Virginia Governor BERKELEY lead to

BACON'S REBELLION, a foretaste of American Revolution. (ATS)

  • 1679: Abraham a Santa Clara and the plague in Vienna.

  • 1682: VIRGINIA: The Tobacco Riots

  • 1683: Massachusetts passes the nation's first no-smoking law. It forbids the smoking of

tobacco outdoors, because of the fire danger. Soon after, Philadelphia lawmakers approve a ban on "smoking seegars on the street." Fines are used to buy fire-fighting equipment.

  • 1689-1725: RUSSIA: PETER THE GREAT advocates smoking, repeals Romanov bans,

which had punished smoking by flogging, lip-slitting, Siberian exile and death. 12

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