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  • 2005-02-04: LITIGATION: DOJ: DC Court of Appeals rules against Kessler, throws out

"disgorgement" penalty.

  • 2005-02-05: LITIGATION: First Philip Morris lawusuit payment

  • 2005-02-07: SMOKEFREE: CUBA: Smoking ban goes into effect. It is forbidden to smoke in

public places, air-conditioned or closed rooms, offices, meeting halls, theaters, cinemas and video halls. There are also restrictions on smoking on public transportation and in hospitals. Teen smoking measures are also put into effect, most notably a restriction on sales of tobacco to under-16-year-olds.

  • 2005-02-27: WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control goes into effect in the 57

countries that have ratified the treaty. 111 nations have signed it but not ratified it.

  • 2005-03-01: SMOKEFREE: Rhode Island ban on smoking in most indoor workplaces goes

into effect

  • 2005-03-13: SMOKEFREE: BANGLADESH: Parliament passes The Control of Use of

Tobacco Products Act, which prohibits smoking in public places, but not restaurants and bars. It also prohibits media advertising and tobacco sponsorships.

  • 2005-03-21: LITIGATION: CA: HENLEY: Supreme Court Refuses to hear Henley apeal.

Henley's $9 million award against Philip Morris stands. PM pays $10.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages and about $6.2 million in interest to Patricia Henley, the second payout for Philip Morris, and the largest. It is also the first punitive damages ever paid to an individual smoker.

  • 2005-03-31: SMOKEFREE: MN: Minneapolis, Bloomington and Hennepin County total

smoking bans go into effect. Ramsey County restaurant smoking ban also goes into effect; it exempts establishments with over 50% liquor sales.

  • 2005-03-26: SMOKEFREE: BANGLADESH: The Control of Use of Tobacco Products Act

goes into effect, banning smoking in public places, but not restaurants and bars. It also prohibits media advertising and tobacco sponsorships.

  • 2005-04-05: SMOKEFREE: MALTA: Smoking ban goes into effect, banning smoking in all

indoor public areas. It allows for exceptions for specially-ventilated smoking rooms.

  • 2005-04-05: SMOKEFREE: WY: Laramie smoking ban goes into effect, banning smoking in

virtually all public areas and workplaces, including bars, restaurants, offices, private clubs and sports arenas.

  • 2005-04-21: LITIGATION: Riverside, CA: Jury clears Philip Morris USA in Coolidge lung

cancer suit. Bruce Coolidge, 51, began his suit in 2001. The trial lasted 10 weeks. In 2 hours of deliberations, the jury found Coolidge had not proven his lung cancer was caused by smoking.

  • 2005-04-21: LITIGATION: RJR wins Broin-related lawsuit. A jury found that exposure to

secondhand smoke in airplane cabins did not cause the chronic sinusitis of Lorraine Swaty, a flight attendant for US Airways.

  • 2005-04-25: LITIGATION: DOJ Lawsuit: Liability phase completed.

  • 2005-05-02: LITIGATION: DOJ Lawsuit: Remedies phase begins.

  • 2005-05-31: LITIGATION: SCOTLAND: Lord Nimmo Smith rules for Imperial Tobacco in

McTear case.

  • 2005-05-31: World No Tobacco Day. Focus: Health Professionals

"Health professionals are on the frontline. They need the skills to help people stop smoking, and they need to lead by example, and quit tobacco use themselves."

  • 2005-06-01: SMOKEFREE: SWEDEN: Total bar & restaurant smoking ban scheduled to go

into effect. http://www.sweden.gov.se/sb/d/2947/a/17093

  • 2005-06-01: TAXES: KY: Kentucky's lowest-in-the-nation goes from 3 cents per pack to 30

cents per pack. 120

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