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  • 2005-10-27: SMOKEFREE: UK: Government announces partial smoking ban in health bill.

  • 2005-11-08: SMOKEFREE: WA: Voters pass Initiative 901 by over 60%. The smoking ban's

outdoor restrictions near entrances, window, etc. make it the toughest in the nation. The law will take effect Dec. 8.

  • 2005-11-15: SMOKEFREE: KY: Louisville smoking ban goes into effect. Bars and and

buildings that have enclosed smoking rooms with separate ventilation systems are exempted.

  • 2005-12-07: SMOKEFREE: IL Chicago City Council passes smoking ban. Ban which

exempts tobacco stores, American Legion halls, bars and restaurant bars until July 2008, goes into effect Jan. 16, 2006.

  • 2005-12-08: SMOKEFREE: WA full smoking ban goes into effect.

  • 2005-12-15: LITIGATION: IL: State Supreme Court overturns Price verdict.

  • 2005-12-30: SMOKEFREE: MD: Prince George Smoking ban goes into effect. Smoking is

banned in most bars and restaurants.


  • 2006-01-01: TAXES: National state average is now 92 cents per pack.

  • 2006-01-01: SMOKEFREE: CANADA: Province of Alberta's moking ban goes into effect.

Smoking is banned in places open to minors.

  • 2006-01-01: SMOKEFREE: SPAIN: Smoking ban goes into effect. Smoking is banned in

offices, sporting arenas and other public venues; restaurants, bars and hotels are required to sequester smokers. Small bars must either ban cigarettes or bar people under 18.

  • 2006-01-01: SMOKEFREE: AUSTRALIA: Tasmania is first state to go completely

smokefree. Smoking only allowed in open-air areas.

  • 2006-01-01: SMOKEFREE: MACEDONIA: Restaurant Smoking ban goes into effect.

  • 2006-01-01: SMOKEFREE: BELGIUM: Office Smoking ban goes into effect.

  • 2006-01-01: SMOKEFREE: CZECH REPUBLIC: Smoking ban goes into effect. Smoking is

banned in schools, theaters, state offices and train platforms and bus stops.å

  • 2006-01-01: SMOKEFREE: MACEDONIA: 1995 smoking ban finally begins being

enforced. Hospitals, government workplaces are smokefree; much confusion remains among restaurateurs about ventilation/space requirements..

  • 2006-01-01: SMOKEFREE: IL: Preemption Falls; under the Clean Indoor Home Rule Act,

signed in August, 2005, cities are now able to restrict smoking.

  • 2006-01-16: SMOKEFREE: IL: Chicago's phased-in smoking ban begins. Smoking in

restaurants without liquor licenses is forbidden. Bars, excepting those that meet "air purification" standards, will be smokefree beginning July 1, 2008.

  • 2006-01-01: SMOKEFREE: CO: Rest of Grand Junction smoking ban goes into effect.

Restaurants in existence before summer of 2003 must now go smokefree. Bingo halls and bowling alleys may allow smoking only in separated areas.

  • 2006-02-02: LITIGATION: OR: WILLIAMS: Oregon Supreme Court reaffirms the $79.5

million punitive damages jury verdict. OR Supreme Court upholds Court of Appeals approval of

    • 79.5

      punitive damages.

      • 2006-02-15: SMOKEFREE: UK: House of Commons passes nearly total smoking ban.

      • 2006-02-22: LITIGATION: MO: Jury finds for tobacco companies in VanDenBurg case.

      • 2006-03-01: SMOKEFREE: URUGUAY:Smoking ban goes into effect. President Tabare

Vazquez's law bans smoking in bars, restaurants and workplaces.


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