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than three employees. Another act outlaws smoking by adults in an automobile with children who are 6 or younger or less than 60 pounds.

  • 2006-07-01: SMOKEFREE: CO: Nearly complete smoking ban goes into effect. Casinos are


  • 2006-07-01: SMOKEFREE: IL: Evanston bar/restaurant smoking ban goes into effect.

  • 2006-07-01: SMOKEFREE: NM: Santa Fe bar/restaurant smoking ban goes into effect.

  • 2006-07-01: SMOKEFREE: MN: Mankato bar/restaurant smoking ban goes into effect.

  • 2006-07-01: SMOKEFREE: MS: Smoking ban in most government buildings goes into effect.

  • 2006-07-01: SMOKEFREE: TX: Vernon bar/restaurant smoking ban goes into effect.

  • 2006-07-01: SMOKEFREE: SINGAPORE: Smoking banned in food outlets: coffee shops,

cafes and hawker centres.

  • 2006-07-01: SMOKEFREE: AUSTRALIA: Queensland, Western Australia: full smoking ban

goes into effect. In Queensland, even outdoor areas must be smokefree if food is served.

  • 2006-07: LITIGATION: FL: Florida Supreme Court vacates Engle award, decertifies class;

allows individual lawsuits to proceed.

  • 2006-07-13: SMOKEFREE: TX: Laredo bar/restaurant smoking ban goes into effect.

  • 2006-07-19: SMOKEFREE: Marriott announces all its hotel brands (Ritz-Carlton,

Renaissance, Courtyard, etc.) will go smokefree across the US and Canada Sept. 1. This means that 2300 hotels and 400,000 rooms will be smokefree.

  • 2006-07-21: SMOKEFREE: AR: Statewide bar/restaurant/workplace smoking ban goes into

effect, with some exceptions.

  • 2006-07-31: SMOKEFREE: EUROPE: Advertising ban goes into effect.

  • 2006-08-17: LITIGATION: DOJ: Judge Kessler releases final order, finding that the tobacco

defendants (except Ligget) are racketeers, having lied for 50 years, and deceived the American public on health issues and marketing to children. All that she can do under civil RICO, however, is enjoin them from lying in the future, or using "light" type descriptors. She orders them to issue corrective statements, and expands the Minnesota document disclosure requirements. If this injuctive releif is ever implemented, it will only be after years of appeals.

  • 2006-08-20: SMOKEFREE: WY: Complete smoking ban goes into effect in Cheyenne.

  • 2006-08-21: YOUTH: SC: New state law bans tobacco possession by minors (under 18).

  • 2006-08-28: SPORTS: NY: The USTA Tennis Center, a 46-acre NYC Parks Department

facility, is renamed "USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. "My mom, Betty Moffitt, always told me to follow the Shakespeare saying, 'To thine own self be true,'" ex-Philip Morris board member and leader of the Virginia Slims women's tennis tour said at the commemoration.

  • 2006-09-01: LITIGATION: AUSTRALIA: Crimes (Document Destruction) Act 2005 goes

into effect. Enacte in response to the BAT's behavior exposed in the McCabe casse, it mandates that not just lawyers, but a company's entire "corporate culture" prevent the destrucion of documents with the intent to prevent them from being used in evidence in a lawsuit.

  • 2006-09-14: SMOKEFREE: PA: Philadelphia goes smokefree. Mayor Street signs smoking

ban which goes into effect immediately.Private clubs and bars with 90% of their income from alcohol are excepted.

  • 2006-09-25: LITIGATION: NY: SCHWAB "Lights" Class certified.

  • 2006-10-01: ADVERTISING: IRAQ: KURDISTAN region ban on tobacco advertising goes

into effect. Billboards are cleaned up.

  • 2006-10-01: SPONSORSHIP: AUSTRALIA: Full ban on tobacco-related advertising takes


  • 2006-10-01: SPONSORSHIP: NE: Omaha's smoking ban takes effect.

  • 2006-10-31: LITIGATION: OR: WILLIAMS: US Supreme Court hears Williams appeal.


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