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The Eighteenth Century--Snuff Holds Sway

  • ENGLAND: George III's wife known as "Snuffy Charlotte"

  • FRANCE: Napoleon said to have used 7 lb. of snuff per month

  • HEALTH: Lung cancer, an extremely rare disease, is first described.

  • 1701: HEALTH: MEDICINE: Nicholas Andryde Boisregard warns that young people taking

too much tobacco have trembling, unsteady hands, staggering feet and suffer a withering of "their noble parts."

  • I701-40: PRUSSIA: Tobacco councils of Frederick I and Frederick William I. (AHS)

  • 1705: VIRGINIA Assembly passes a law legalizing lifelong slavery. . . . all servants imported

and brought into this country, by sea or land, who were not christians in their native country . . . shall be . . . slaves, and as such be here bought and sold notwithstanding a conversion to christianity afterwards."

  • 1713: LEGISLATION: Inspection regulations passed to keep up standards of Virginia leaf

exports (not effective until 1730). (ATS)

  • 1719: LEGISLATION: FRANCE: Smoking is prohibited. Exceptions: the Franche-Comt,

Flanders and Alsace.

  • 1724: REGULATION: Pope Benedict XIII learns to smoke and use snuff, and repeals papal

bulls against clerical smoking.(TSW)

  • 1727: ECONOMY: "Tobacco notes" Become Legal Tender in Virginia. Tobacco Notes

attesting to quality and quantity of one's tobacco kept in public warehouses are authorized as legal tender in Virginia. Used as units of monetary exchange throughout 18th Century. The notes are more convenient than the acutal leaf, which had been in use as money for over a century.

  • 1730: LEGISLATION: Virginia Inspection Acts come into effect, standardizing and

regulating tobacco sales and exports to prevent the export of "trash tobacco"--shipments diluted with leaves and household sweepings, which were debasing the value of Virginia tobacco. Inspection warehouses were empowered to verify weight and kind and kind of tobacco.

  • 1730: VIRGINIA: BUSINESS: First American tobacco factories begun in Virginia--small

snuff mills

  • 1747: LEGISLATION: Maryland passes its own Maryland Inspection Act to control quality

of exports.

  • 1750: RHODE ISLAND BUSINESS: Gilbert Stuart builds snuff mill in Rhode Island, ships

his products in dried animal bladders

  • 1753: SWEDEN: Swedish Botanist Carolus Linnaeus names the plant genus, nicotiana. and

describes two species, nicotiana rustica. and nicotiana tabacum."

  • 1755-10: Virginia's tobacco crop fails because of extended drought conditions.


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