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The Surgeon General's Advisory Committee:

  • Dr. Terry acted as chairman

  • Dr. James M. Hundley, assistant surgeon general, acted as vice chairman.

The members, announced on October 27, 1962, were:

  • Dr. Stanhope Bayne-Jones, former dean, Yale School of Medicine

  • Dr. Walter J. Burdette, head of the Department of Surgery, University of Utah School of Medicine

  • William G. Cochran, professor of Statistics, Harvard University

  • Dr. Emmanuel Farber, chairman, Department of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh

  • Louis F. Fieser, professor of Organic Chemistry, Harvard University

  • Dr. Jacob Furth, professor of Pathology, Columbia University

  • Dr. John B. Hickam, chairman, Department of Internal Medicine, Indiana University

  • Dr. Charles LeMaistre, professor of Internal Medicine, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

  • Dr. Leonard M. Schuman, professor of Epidemiology, University of Minnesota School of Public Health

  • Dr. Maurice H. Seevers, chairman, Department of Pharmacology, University of Michigan.

1964: Industry writer suggests tobacco control advocates have psychiatric certification that they are not suffering from pyrophobia and suppressed fear of the 'big fire' or atom bomb

1964: USA: In response to the release of the Report to the Surgeon General in Jan. 1964, "World Tobacco" magazine published a two page article (pp. 19-20) titled "International perspective on smoking and health" in the March 1964 issue. It ended with a review of the 25 years of research conducted by Dr. H. Aschenbenner of W. Germany, the Secretary General of the International Association of Scientific Tobacco Research whose work suggests that "before reports on smoking and health are taken seriously, those making the reports should have psychiatric certification that they are not suffering from pyrophobia (fear of fire)". His works "have proven that tobacco antagonism often springs from a morbid (and often unconscious) pyrophobia -- a


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