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cowboy smokers dying of lung ailments, was shown in Britain, but legal problems erupted with Philip Morris. In an out-of-court settlement, Thames turned over all copies save one to PM. The sole remaining copy was to stay sealed in Thames' vault, and terms of the settlement were to remain secret. The film was sent to Stanton Glantz in 1982, and soon after was shown all over the USA.

1977: UK: Royal College of Physicians of London third report, Smoking or Health

From Smoking or Health:

Deaths from coronary heart disease are responsible for about half of the total excess deaths among cigarette smokers and are numerically greater than the excess deaths from either lung cancer or chronic bronchitis... That the association between smoking and heart disease is largely one of cause and effect is supported by its strength and consistency, its independence of the other risk factors, its enhancement in those smokers who inhale, and by the progressive lessening of the risk in those who give up.

1979-01: Report of the US Surgeon-General, Dr Julius B. Richmond.

Cigarette smoking is causally related to lung cancer in both men and women... is a significant causative factor in cancer of the larynx... is a significant causal factor in the development of oral cancer... is a causal factor in the development of cancer of the esophagus... is related to cancer of the pancreas... is one of the three major independent risk factors for heart attack... and sudden cardiac death in adult men and women... a major risk factor in arteriosclerotic peripheral vascular disease... a cause of chronic obstructive lung disease... increases the risk of fetal death through maternal complications... contributes to the risk of their infants being victims of the 'sudden infant death syndrome' [cot death].6

1980: US Surgeon General special report: The Health Consequences of Smoking for Women

The rise in lung cancer death rates is currently much steeper in women than in men. It is projected that ... the lung cancer death rate will surpass that of breast cancer in the early 1980s... The risk of spontaneous abortion, fetal death, and neonatal death increases directly with increasing levels of maternal smoking during pregnancy.

1984: Louganis, Olympics, Tobacco

From "Merchants of Death" by Larry C. White:

Take the case of Olympic diver Greg Louganis. He trained for the 1984 Olympics (where he was to win two gold medals) at the Mission Viejo training center in southern California. Mission Viejo had been the home of the top American swimmers and divers, including Mark Spitz, who won seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympics.


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