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  • 1785: Conestoga wagons leave Pennsylvania for the West. The rolled tobacco leaves inside

lead to the term "Stogies" for cigars.

  • 1788: BUSINESS: Spanish NEW ORLEANS opened for export of tobacco by Americans in

Mississippi valley. (ATS)

  • 1788: AUSTRALIA: Tobacco arrives with the First Fleet

  • 1789-1799: FRENCH REVOLUTION French masses begin to take to the cigarito, as the

form of tobacco use least like the aristocratic snuff. The hated tobacco monopoly is abolished (to be resurrected by Napoleon)

  • 1790s: Lorillard creates the US's first national ad campaign by distributing its posters via post


  • 1791: SCIENCE: ENGLAND: London physician John Hill reports cases in which use of snuff

caused nasal cancers.

  • 1791: FRANCE: The National Assembly grants the freedom to cultivate and sell tobacco.

  • 1794: TAXES: The U.S Congress passes the first federal excise tax on tobacco products. The

tax of 8 cents applies only to snuff, not the more plebian chewing or smoking tobacco. The tax is 60% of snuff's usual selling price. James Madison opposed the tax, saying it deprive poorer people of innocent gratification

  • 1795: SCIENCE: Sammuel Thomas von Soemmering of Maine reports on cancers of the lip

in pipe smokers

  • 1798. SCIENCE: Famed physician Benjamin Rush writes on the medical dangers of tobacco

and claims that smoking or chewing tobacco leads to drunkenness.

  • 1798. The United States Marine Hospital Service is established. The service will become the

Public Health Service in 1912 and had been made part of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare in 1953.

Next Chapter: The Nineteenth Century--The Age of the Cigar


Chapter 1: Discovery Chapter 2: The Sixteenth Century--Sailors Spread the Seeds Chapter 3: The Seventeenth Century--"The Great Age of the Pipe" Chapter 4: The Eighteenth Century--Snuff Holds Sway Chapter 5: The Nineteenth Century--The Age of the Cigar Chapter 6: The Twentieth Century, 1900-1950--The Rise of the Cigarette Chapter 7: The Twentieth Century, 1950-1999--The Battle is Joined Chapter 8: The New Millennium Notes


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