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  • 1818: REGULATION: PA: Smoking is banned on the streets of Lancaster. The first man to

break the law and pay the 20 shilling fine is Mayor John Passmore.

  • 1817: BUSINESS: SPAIN deregulates the growing, processing and selling of tobacco.

  • 1820: American traders open the Santa Fe trail, find ladies of that city smoking "seegaritos."


  • 1822: BUSINESS: SWEDEN: Jacob Frederik Ljunglof begins manufacturing snus.

  • 1822: Hermbstdt isolates nicotine and calls the causa efficiens of nicotianas Nicotianin."

  • 1823: C. Clement Moore's 1823 poem "A Visit From St. Nicholas'' describes Santa Claus as


  • 1824: LA: AGRICULTURE: Acadian Pierre Chenet, nicknamed "Perique", begins growing

the tobacco of the Choctaw Indians commercially in St. James Parish. He also refines the fermenting process for the pungent tobacco.

  • 1826: ENGLAND is importing 26 pounds of cigars a year. The cigar becomes so popular that

within four years, England will be importing 250,000 pounds of cigars a year.

  • 1827: ENGLAND: First friction match invented. Chemist John Walker uses phosphorus

(discovered in 1666) atop a wooden stick, calls his invention "Congreves," after the rocket maker. Later they became known as "lucifers", then "matches." See the history here: http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/blmatch.htm

  • 1828: SPAIN:The cigarette becomes popular as a new way of smoking.They are sold

individually, and in "rolls."

  • 1828: GERMANY: Heidelberg students Ludwig Reimann and Wilhelm Heinrich Posselt are

credited with first isolating nicotine in a pure form; the active ingredient being the alkaloid C10H14N2. They write exhaustive dissertations on the pharmacology of nicotine, concluding it is a "dangerous poison."

  • 1830s: TOBACCO CONTROL: First organized anti-tobacco movement in US begins as

adjunct to the temperance movement. Tobacco use is considered to dry out the mouth, "creating a morbid or diseased thirst" which only liquor could quench..

  • 1830: PRUSSIA: Prussian Government enacts a law that cigars , in public, be smoked in a

sort of wire-mesh contraption designed to prevent sparks setting fire to ladies' "crinolines" and hoop skirts. (BD)

  • 1832: TURKEY: Invention of the paper-rolled cigarette? While Southwest Indians, Aztecs

and Mayans had used hollow reeds, cane or maize to fashion cylindrical tobacco-holders, and Sevillians had rolled cigar-scraps in thrown-away paper (papeletes), an Egyptian artilleryman [in the Turk/Egyptian war] is credited with the invention of the cigarette as we know it. In the siege of Acre, the Egyptian's cannon crew had improved their rate of fire by rolling the gunpowder in paper tubes. For this, he and his crew were rewarded with a pound of tobacco. Their sole pipe was broken, however, so they took to rolling the pipe tobacco in the paper. The invention spread among both Egyptian and Turkish soldiers. And thus . . . (Good-Bye to All That, 1970)

  • 1832: AGRICULTURE: TUCK patents curing method for Virginia leaf.

  • 1832: BOOKS: Domestinc Manners of the Americans by Frances Trollope

[In New York] we saw the Park Theatre to advantage, for it was filled with well-dressed company; but still we saw many "yet unrazored lips" polluted with the grim tinge of the hateful tobacco, and heard, without ceasing, the spitting, which of course is its consequence. If their theatres had the orchestra of the Feydeau, and a choir of angels to boot, I could find but little pleasure, so long as they were followed by this running accompaniment of _thorough base_."

  • 1833-02-27 RELIGION: In Kirtland, OH, Mormon founder Joseph Smith announces to

church leaders that God opposes strong drinks, hot drinks and tobacco. This proclamation becomes known as the "Word of Wisdom," but considered as counsel or advice, rather than a commandment. 18

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