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  • 1890: "Tobacco" appears in the US Pharmacopoeia, an official government listing of drugs.

  • 1890: REGULATION: 26 states and territories have outlawed the sale of cigarettes to minors

(age of a "minor" in a particulary state could be anything from 14-24.)

  • 1890: REGULATION: PAKISTAN: The Railways Act prohibits smoking in railway

compartments without the consent of fellow passengers. (Repealed in 1959 by then-provicial governemtn of West Pakistan)

  • 1890: BUSINESS: Dukes establish the American Tobacco Company, which will soon

monopolize the entire US tobacco industry. ATC will be dissolved in Anti-Trust action in 1911.

  • 1890: LITERATURE: My Lady Nicotine, by Sir James Barrie, London

  • 1892: REGULATION: Reformers petition Congress to prohibit the manufacture, importation

and sale of cigarettes. The Senate Committee on Epidemic Diseases, while agreeing that cigarettes are a public health hazard, finds that only the states have the authority to act. The committee urges the petitioners to seek redress from state legislatures.

  • 1892: BUSINESS: Book matches are invented, but are a technological failure. Since the

striking surface was inside the book, all the matches caught fire often. By 1912, the technology would be perfected. "In the 1890s, the Diamond Match Company opened a paper-matchbook production facility in Barberton, OH. A Diamond Match salesman, Henry Traute, is not only credited with putting an end to pocket fires – by insisting that the striker be moved from the inside to the outside of the matchbook – but also with sparking the use of matchbooks as an advertising medium. Traute’s first customers were the Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, which bought 10 million matchbooks advertising Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. James Duke, a tobacco tycoon, purchased 30 million books." [State v. RJR, 12/30/04. http://www.sconet.state.oh.us/rod/newpdf/0/2004/2004-Ohio-

  • 7102.


    • 1893: PEOPLE: Cigar-smoking President Grover Cleveland is secretly operated on for cancer

of the mouth.

  • 1893: SCIENCE: Pure nicotine is first synthesized by Pictet and Crepieux.

  • 1893: REGULATION: The state of Washington bans the sale and use of cigarettes. The law is

overturned on constitutional grounds as a restraint of free trade.

  • 1894: BUSINESS: By now, Philip Morris passes from the troubled Morris family, to the

control of William Curtis Thompson and his family (RK).

  • 1894: BUSINESS: Brown & Williamson formed as a partnership in Winston-Salem, NC,,

making mostly plug, snuff and pipe tobacco. (RK).

  • 1894: LITERATURE: Under Two Flags by Ouida (Louise de la Ramee). Cigarette, the waif

heroine "Rides like an Arab, Smokes like a Zouave." Cigarette is describes as "Enfant de L'armee, Femme de la Fume, Soldat de la France."

  • 1894: AGRICULTURE: ZIMBABWE begins growing tobacco.

  • 1895: ADVERTISING: First known motion picture commercial is made, an ad for Admiral

cigarettes produced by Thomas A. Edison's company.

  • 1896: REGULATION: Smoking banned in the House; chewing still allowed

  • 1898: SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR: Congress raises taxes on cigarettes 200%

  • 1898: LITIGATION: Tennessee Supreme Court upholds a total ban on cigarettes, ruling they

are "not legitimate articles of commerce, because wholly noxious and deleterious to health. Their use is always harmful."

  • 1899: Lucy Payne Gaston, who claims that young men who smoke develop a distinguishable

"cigarette face," founds the Chicago Anti-Cigarette League, which grows by 1911 to the Anti- Cigarette League of America, and by 1919 to the Anti-Cigarette League of the World.

  • 1899: HEALTH: First edition of the Merck Manual is published; it recommends smoking

tobacco to treat bronchitis and asthma.

  • 1899: TAXES: The Senate Finance Committee, in secret session, rolls back the wartime

excise tax on cigarettes.(RK)


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